Too Hot to Handel! An Evening of Handel and Shakespeare

NEC: Plimpton Shattuck Black Box Theatre | Directions

255 St. Botolph St.
Boston, MA
United States

Join first year graduate students as they present two evenings of Handel arias and Shakespeare monologues.

Joshua Major is the director of the Handel arias and Steven Goldstein directs the Shakespeare monologues.  Sujin Choi and Ji Yung Lee are the accompanists and coaches for the arias.

This is an in-person event with a private stream available to the NEC community here

  1. ACT I

    “And I, forsooth, in love!” from Love Labour’s Lost (Act III, Scene I)
    Lord Berowne: Morgan Mastrangelo

    “Mio caro bene” from Rodelinda

    Rodelinda: Shanti Fowler-Puja, soprano

    “My lord, as I was sewing” from Hamlet (Act II, Scene I)
    Ophelia: Melissa Pereyra

    “Care selve” from Atlanta

    Atlanta: Xiangning Ouyang, soprano

    “No shame but mine: I must, forsooth, be forced” (Act III, Scene II)

    Katherine: Dongyang Li

    “Del mio sol vezzosi rai” from Ariodante
    Lurcanio: KaiLiang Wei, tenor

    “I would not be thy executioner” from As You Like it (Act III, Scene V)
    Phebe: Shanti Fowler-Puja

    “Basta! Che sol tu chieda” from Rinaldo
    Argante: Hengzuo Yan, baritone

    “Within the bond of marriage, tell me, Brutus,” from Julius Caesar (Act II, Scene I)
    Portia: Xiangning Ouyang

    “V’adoro Pupile” from Giulio Cesare
    Cleopatra: Dongyang Li, soprano

    “All murdered: for with the hollow crown…” from Richard II (Act III, Scene II)
    King Richard: Hengzuo Yan

    “Un momento di contento” from Alcina
    Oronte: Morgan Mastrangelo, tenor

    “I am in condition a prince, Miranda, I do think a king;” from The Tempest (Act III, Scene I)
    Ferdinand: KaiLiang Wei

    “Che cede al furore” from Serse
    Romilda: Melissa Pereyra, soprano

  2. ACT II

    “O sleep” from Semele
    Semele: Zeyu Song, soprano

    “Now I might do it pat” from Hamlet (Act III, Scene III)
    Hamlet: Suowei Wu

    “Away! I do condemn mine ears that have” from Cymbeline (Act I, Scene VI)
    Imogen: Alexis Reese

    “Voi mi dite” from Serse
    Atlanta: Yejin Jang, soprano

    “If heaven have any grievous plague in store” from Richard III (Act I, Scene III)
    Queen Margaret: Lara Suer

    “Io gia t’amai” from Rodelinda
    Grimoaldo: Dongchen Xu, tenor

    “Puppet? Why so? Ay, that way goes the game.” from Midsummer Night’s Dream (Act III, Scene II)
    Hermia: Zeyu Song

    “E gelosia” from Serse
    Romilda: Sydney Pexton, soprano

    “Unhappy that I am, I cannot heave” from King Lear (Act I, Scene I)
    Cordelia: Yejin Jang

    “Spietati, io vi giurai” from Rodelinda
    Rodelinda: Alexis Reese, soprano

    “Ombre piante” from Rodelinda
    Rodelinda: Lara Suer, soprano

    “I am, my lord, as well derived as he” from Midsummer Night’s Dream (Act I, Scene I)
    Lysander: Dongchen Xu

    “Pastorello” from Rodelinda
    Grimoaldo: Suowei Wu, tenor

    Epilogue from As You Like It
    Rosalind: Sydney Pexton


    • Sujin Choi, pianist and coach