James Markey, Chair of Brass and Percussion

In 2012, James Markey came to Boston to join the Boston Symphony Orchestra as bass trombonist and become a faculty member at NEC. He currently serves as bass trombone faculty, as well as Chair of Brass and Percussion, at NEC, and as a Suzuki Trombone and Suzuki Class Instructor with NEC Prep. 

man in mask conducting

James keeps a full schedule in Boston and around the country as a featured artist and educator. His teaching experience spans a wide range of ages and levels, including a recent foray into Suzuki Trombone instruction. He said, “As a Suzuki parent to four children, I’ve known how important getting a good start is when studying an instrument. But what I’ve learned is that the Suzuki approach isn’t so much to create wonderful, young musicians (though that is certainly possible), but to mold and help children grow in their humanity, learning patience, perseverance, and dedication to doing simple things well, all while experiencing joy in music.”

It is clear from how James interacts with students that he finds joy from sharing his knowledge and music with others. He regularly posts videos on social media explaining technique or fundamentals like embouchure and breathing, and also shares performances and practice challenges. James has cultivated a community of passionate musicians of all ages that share in his enthusiasm.
The NEC Fund provides critical resources for faculty members like James.