Liberal Arts Minor

My advisor for my liberal arts minor never stopped being a source of inspiration.
Bryce Leafman'16 BM Percussion Performance, Liberal Arts Minor

The purpose of the Liberal Arts Minor is to provide NEC undergraduates the opportunity to gain breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding in a focused area of study in the Liberal Arts and to provide them with a useful credential as they pursue further study and careers beyond NEC.

Students can complete a Liberal Arts Minor in one of the following areas: Literature, Cultural Studies (including Philosophy, Religion, and Foreign Languages), History and Social Studies, Creative Arts, and Science and Mathematics.

Alternatively, students may design a personalized curriculum with a selected sequence of courses that coherently combines more than one area of study, such as Cultural Studies and History. The proposed design would be approved by the Liberal Arts Minor Advisor and the department Chair at the outset of the student’s pursuit of the Minor.

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