The Robert Ceely Electronic Music Studio

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The Dig visits NEC's Electronic Music Studio

The Robert Ceely Electronic Music Studio is supervised by John Mallia of the Composition faculty, and allows students to access the most recent tools and techniques required to create work at an advanced level.

Located in the St. Botolph building and designed as an electronic music composition suite, The Robert Ceely Electronic Music Studio was refurbished in 2005. This significant overhaul brought the studio up to date and included new emphasis on specialized areas, such as sound spatialization, multimedia, and interactive sensor-based systems, technologies that show a commitment to current areas of research in the field.

Technologies in place include state-of-the-art recording and mixing hardware and software, dozens of hardware synthesizers from the 1960s to the present, an eight-channel surround playback system with loudspeakers of the highest fidelity, sensor interfaces that allow computers to track and interpret data from the natural world, a video movement and color detection system, and a powerful computer system running top software programs in the areas of digital audio and video signal processing, synthesis, mixing, and real-time interaction.