Field Experience

The EM Department offers unique, NEC student-only field experiences for hands-on learning at Boston area arts organizations and on campus at NEC. All of these field experiences are paid, and some offer professional performance experience as well—read below to find out more about each individual opportunity.  

EM Nova Fellowship – All Students | Deadline passed, 4/22

The EM Nova Fellowship is a student-led music presenting organization managed by five fellows who program, produce, and perform two evening-length concerts, one community engagement experience, and two board meetings. Fellows work with Associate Dean Annie Phillips and other members of the NEC Administration. Fellows earn $2000 for the yearlong appointment; applications for the 2019-20 school year will open April 2019.

 Application CLOSED


Bower Stage Programming Fellow - All Students | Deadline passed, 4/22

The 2019-20 Bower Stage Programming Fellow will oversee programming and production of student performances and events on the Bower Stage in the SLPC from September 2019-May 2020. The Bower Stage Programming Fellow will receive training from NEC Audio-Visual Services to learn basic sound engineering skills. The fellow will receive a $2,000 stipend for the academic year; expected workload and compensation will mirror that of a typical on-campus workstudy position; (4-6 hours per week) .

Application CLOSED


NEC Marketing Fellow – All Students | Deadline passed, 4/22

Develop creative marketing plans to promote the artistic work of your department, your colleagues, and NEC in the Boston community. Selected fellow works with NEC's Marketing Department to brainstorm and implement creative marketing plans—past projects have included pop-up performances in the Prudential Center and guerilla flier campaigns. Fellow receives a $2000 stipend for the yearlong appointment; expected workload is 4-6 hours per week.

Application CLOSED


A Far Cry – String players | Deadline passed, 4/22

Open exclusively to NEC string students, this fellowship offers the opportunity to gain a 360˚ view of the self-conducted orchestra A Far Cry, including all aspects of administration, rehearsal, and performance. The Fellow will rehearse and perform with AFC on one of their concert cycles and attend Crier meetings; they will also work 4-6 hours per week alongside AFC's Marketing and Development Coordinator. The fellow will receive a $2,000 stipend for the year.

Application CLOSED


Boston Ballet – Graduate Pianists | Applications will re-open Fall 2019

Learn the skill of accompanying live ballet rehearsals and classes. Open exclusively to graduate-level NEC pianists, this fellowship offers direct training and experience in piano dance accompaniment--watch, learn, and practice playing for ballet classes and rehearsals. Pianists will gain the confidence and capacity to use dance accompaniment work to contribute towards a sustainable career as a performing pianist. This fellowship is yearlong, with the potential for paid ballet class accompanying in the Spring semester. Credit eligible.

Application CLOSED


Boston Modern Orchestra Project – String players | Applications will re-open Fall 2019

Open exclusively to NEC string students, this fellowship offers the opportunity to work and perform for The Boston Modern Orchestra Project, the leading US orchestra dedicated exclusively to performing new music, and its signature record label, BMOP/sound, the orchestra's in-house label solely devoted to new music recordings.The Fellow(s) will rehearse and perform with BMOP and work with BMOP staff on an administrative project.

Application CLOSED


Boston Chamber Music Society – Classical Instrumentalists | Spring Application Closed

Open exclusively to graduate students at the New England Conservatory, the BCMS Hybrid Internship offers the opportunity to participate in the process of planning,  marketing, and producing  a chamber music concert series of diverse personnel and repertoire (Spring 2019) and to perform on the concert series and in educational and community outreach programs (Fall 2019). Learn to program, market, and produce a chamber music concert series of diverse personnel and repertoire with Managing Director Wen Huang, and be paid to perform on the concert series and in educational and community outreach programs following your one-semester fellowship. Credit eligible.

  Application CLOSED

Other Internships in Boston

Learn industry best practices from a working professional, provide hands-on contributions to a working organization, and earn school credit. There are many online resources for finding available internships. NEC students have free access in perpetuity to Bridge, EM's online opportunity board, and there are other Boston-specific websites like HireCulture that post available internships and are sortable by type of opportunity.

Most arts internships are unpaid, but unpaid internships that meet certain qualifications are eligible for one (1) elective credit. If you are interested in an external internship and would like help applying, schedule an appointment!

Meet with Annie Phillips about Internships

Looking for interns from NEC?

For Hosts

In order to advertise an available internship to our student body, NEC requires a full job description complete with: a list of desired learning outcomes for the student, projected work responsibilities, and an outline of where, how, and with who a student will work. NEC understands that often the nature of new or small-budget nonprofit organizations and the ability for remote work means some organizations do not have brick-and-mortar offices; however, NEC does require that at least 50% of working hours are supervised in person, and that all supervised hours are completed at a non-residential location (ie, at the organization’s offices, at NEC, at a coffee shop). An intern’s job description must not be responsibilities that a host organization would otherwise pay an employee to do. Once an internship is agreed upon, both intern and host must sign a contract including job description details and qualifying the intern as a volunteer.

During the internship, interns must log their hours on the provided schedule and their supervisor must sign off. Both supervisor and intern must also complete mid-semester and final evaluations, to be provided by NEC’s EM Dept. Questions? Email Annie Phillips.

Federal Internship Guidelines as per the Department of Labor
Hours Logsheet