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EM Internships & Fellowships

Internships provide a learning opportunity for a student by allowing them to learn industry best practices from a working professional and provide hands-on contributions to a working organization. Internships that meet certain regulations are eligible for credit. EM has also developed partnerships with arts organizations to offer NEC students the opportunity to both learn behind the scenes with an organization's leaders and get the chance to perform onstage. Interested? Schedule an advising appointment.

How do I Find an Internship?

There are many online resources for finding available internships. NEC students have free access in perpetuity to Bridge, EM's online opportunity board, and there are other Boston-specific websites like HireCulture that post available internships and are sortable by type of opportunity.

Meet with Annie Phillips about Internships

EM Fellowships

EM partners with other departments with NEC for EM Fellowships. Fellows works with the EM Team, NEC's Marketing Department and Artistic Planning Departments, and their major department to develop creative marketing plans to promote the artistic work of their colleagues. Fellows also receive a small stipend in recognition of their work. 

This year, two fellows are planning and producing two outdoor stages at NEC's Open Studios on September 23, 2017, and one fellow is curating and producing a concert series inside the new SLPC. Past fellowships have been offered in tandem with the Jazz Department, Chamber Orchestra, Piano, and Vocal departments.

For Hosts

In order to advertise an available internship to our student body, NEC requires a full job description complete with: a list of desired learning outcomes for the student, projected work responsibilities, and an outline of where, how, and with who a student will work. NEC understands that often the nature of new or small-budget nonprofit organizations and the ability for remote work means some organizations do not have brick-and-mortar offices; however, NEC does require that at least 50% of working hours are supervised in person, and that all supervised hours are completed at a non-residential location (ie, at the organization’s offices, at NEC, at a coffee shop). An intern’s job description must not be responsibilities that a host organization would otherwise pay an employee to do. Once an internship is agreed upon, both intern and host must sign a contract including job description details and qualifying the intern as a volunteer.

During the internship, interns must log their hours on the provided schedule and their supervisor must sign off. Both supervisor and intern must also complete mid-semester and final evaluations, to be provided by NEC’s EM Dept. Questions? Email Annie Phillips.

Federal Internship Guidelines as per the Department of Labor
Hours Logsheet