Field Experience

The EM Department offers unique, NEC student-only field experiences for hands-on learning at Boston area arts organizations and on campus at NEC. All of these field experiences are paid, and some offer professional performance experience as well—read below to find out more about each individual opportunity.  


EM Nova Fellowship  | Applications CLOSED

The EM Nova Fellowship is a team of five students who build and lead an in-house presenting organization featuring the unique and diverse artistic ideas of their NEC student colleagues. Following a 7-week training series on nonprofit management, event production, and NEC’s own processes and protocols around venue management, the five fellows will support original on-campus student programming and performances.

The cohort of fellows will be responsible for all Fall semester planning and and all Spring semester promotion and production of a season of events, and will have access to a discretionary budget to support related expenses, pending approval from NEC staff. Starting in November 2021, the team of fellows will also present their work monthly to a board of directors. These meetings will be for general budget approval as well as an opportunity to gather feedback and ideas for program development.

The fellowships are open to any NEC student in any discipline. The selection process will consist of a written application & essay questions, plus an interview. General workload will be 4-6 hours per week, with some evening and weekend hours, especially in Spring semester around event production. Student fellows will each receive a $2,000 stipend for their year of work.


Community Music Center of Boston Arts Admin Intern| Applications CLOSED

The Arts Administration Intern supports CMCB’s Advancement, Programs, and Operations teams on special projects, providing administrative support in a shared office space. This is an exciting time to work for CMCB as it is in the first year of a five year strategic plan with an ambitious vision to transform community arts education to be more culturally inclusive and learner-centered. 

This individual will have the opportunity to support CMCB’s administrative staff on special events and projects and will work directly with CMCB's Chief Programming Officer, Senior Director of Development and External Relations. Projects will be coordinated based on the intern’s own background and interests. The ideal candidate is organized, detail-oriented, a good communicator, and has an interest in community arts education. 

This fellowship is open to any NEC student in any degree program, provided you are authorized to work by NEC Student Payroll (learn more at this link). The fellowship will consist of 4-6 hours of work per week and will be paid at $14.25/hr on your NEC Student Employment paycheck. This fellowship will not count as on-campus employment and is not eligible for credit.


Boston Music Project Intern | Applications CLOSED

Arts Administration Interns will gain hands-on experience in a growing non-profit with
a focus on musical excellence and creative youth development. Interns will assist the Executive Director and
Program Director with day-to-day operations and learn about the various components of managing a
school-based arts non-profit, including but not limited marketing/communications, fundraising, donor
relations, and grant writing.

Intern will work with BMP Executive Director Christopher Schroeder and Program Director Kathryn Pappalardo on projects like social media posting, creation of website blogs & creative materials that support program storytelling and outreach, and student impact data collection.

This fellowship is open to any NEC student in any degree program, provided you are authorized to work by NEC Student Payroll (learn more at this link). The fellowship, which can be completed remotely, will consist of 4-6 hours of work per week and will be paid at $14.25/hr on your NEC Student Employment paycheck. This fellowship will not count as on-campus employment and is not eligible for credit. 


First Year Experience Teaching Assistant | Applications CLOSED

This is a new role for a graduate student at NEC interested in classroom teaching at the college level. The successful candidate will assist EM Associate Dean Annie Phillips and Director of Choral Activity Erica Washburn in coordinating the First Year Experience, a new required class for all first-year undergraduate students at NEC, which includes 90+ students each year.

Responsibilities include

- Classroom Management

- Attend all guest presenter class sessions to introduce presenter, take attendance, provide basic technical support to guest presenters (ie plugging a laptop into a projector if in person, managing Zoom room if online)

- Manage attendance and assignment records in NEO; monitor class participation; be in touch with students who are not attending class or completing assignments in a timely manner

- Manage front-line student questions via NEO (i.e. What time is class? Where is class? What should I do because I missed class?) 

This job is paid at $15/hr and will entail 1-2 hours of work per week in first semester and 3-4 hours per week in second semester (second semester involves more guest lecturers).

Other Internships in Boston

Students may also earn credit for completing internships at one of Boston's many arts nonprofit organizations. Work side-by-side with a working arts professional, provide hands-on contributions to a real organization, all while earning elective credit.

There are many online resources for finding available internships. NEC students have free access in perpetuity to Bridge, EM's online opportunity board, and there are other Boston-specific websites like HireCulture that post available internships and are sortable by type of opportunity.

Most arts internships are unpaid, but unpaid internships that meet certain qualifications are eligible for one (1) elective credit. If you are interested in an external internship and would like help applying, schedule an appointment!

Meet with Annie Phillips about Internships

Looking for interns from NEC?

For Hosts

If you are interested in hosting an NEC student for an internship, we suggest you post your opportunity to the Bridge Opportunity Board. The most successful job descriptions include: a list of desired learning outcomes for the student, projected work responsibilities, and an outline of where, how, and with who a student will work.

NEC understands that often the nature of new or small-budget nonprofit organizations and the ability for remote work means some organizations do not have brick-and-mortar offices; however, NEC does require that at least 50% of working hours are supervised in person, and that all supervised hours are completed at a non-residential location (ie, at the organization’s offices, at NEC, at a coffee shop). As an internship is meant to be a learning experience, an intern’s job description must not be responsibilities that a host organization would otherwise pay an employee to do. Once an internship is agreed upon, both intern and host must sign a contract including job description details and qualifying the intern as a volunteer.

During the internship, interns must log their hours on the provided schedule and their supervisor must sign off. Both supervisor and intern must also complete mid-semester and final evaluations, to be provided by NEC’s EM Dept. Questions? Email Annie Phillips.

Federal Internship Guidelines from the US Department of Labor