Clubs & Organizations

Student clubs and organizations are a great way for students to develop social, educational and leadership skills. Involvement in recognized clubs and organizations at NEC allows students the opportunity to network, represent NEC, and take part in leadership opportunities. 

Interested in starting your own club or organization on campus?

All student organizations must receive official recognition in order to exist and function as a student group at NEC. The Assistant Dean of Campus Life, or other appointed staff member of the Office of Student Services, must approve any new student organization's application and charter. 

Application's for new clubs or organizations will be accepted twice during the year. 

To be considered an active club/organization beginning the Fall semester, paperwork must be submitted to the Assistant Dean of Campus Life by October 1st. 

To be considered an active club/organization beginning the Spring semester, paperwork must be submitted to the Assistant Dean of Campus Life by February, 15th. 

Click here for more information how to start a new club or organization on campus! 

NEC's many Student Clubs & Organizations celebrate and promote the diversity of our student body. 

We aim to promote friendship, dialogue, and understanding among all students. Our current Student Clubs & Organizations are listed below. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can start your own group! Stop by the Student Housing and Activities Center for information.

Current Student Clubs & Organizations

NEC Black Student Union (BSU)

The mission of the New England Conservatory African American Student Union is to provide an open forum for Black and non-Black students who want to be more involved in the discussion about the Black experience. We desire to create a safe space in which we are able to unify and educate not only ourselves, but the greater NEC community, about our rich, unique history and culture. Our focus is to find new ways to use our gifts to spread love, combat hate, and implement positive change in our community. We share our experiences, express our ideas, and cultivate our dreams through various forms of discussion, performances and outreach.

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NEC Christian Fellowship

A chapter of the larger organization, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, our vision is to be a community of healthy and excellent artists who follow Jesus and love the campus! We welcome everyone from all spiritual backgrounds.
Weekly Spring 2017 semester meetings:  Tuesdays at 6pm-7:30pm in SB 318

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NEC Initiative for Social Change Club (ISC)

The mission of The Initiative for Social Change Club is to positively affect and deconstruct harmful power structures that are present in today's society by discussing, learning, and researching them. By thinking and dissecting the world we live in from an academic and humanitarian perspective, the individuals in the ISCC can redirect the course of society and the greater community. This club welcomes anyone who is interested in change and is concerned with the current social climate of the world. All genders, nationalities, identities, and people are welcome.

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Mu Phi Epsilon

Mu Phi Epsilon seeks the advancement of music in the community, nation, and world through promotion of musicianship, scholarship, therapy, and education, with an emphasis on service through music. We serve the recognition of scholarship and musicianship, and we serve to develop a bond of friendship among its members.

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SAGE: Students Advocating for Gender Equality at NEC

This is a group dedicated to organizing gender discussions at New England Conservatory. All people and identities are welcome!

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