Get Involved at NEC

This is your NEC! There are many ways to get active within the community. Take a chance and create your own lane, direct your experience and make this your home away from home.

Join an Organization

NEC has several active organizations registered with Student Activities. Organizations have specific requirements to uphold during the academic year. You will experience many of our orgs hosting signature events around campus and advocating for student concerns and needs. Check out our list to find a group you connect with!

NEC Black Student Union (BSU)

The purpose of the New England Conservatory Black Student Union is to provide an open forum for Black and non-Black students who want to be more involved in the discussion about the Black experience. We desire to create a safe space in which we are able to unify and educate not only ourselves, but the greater NEC community, about our rich, unique history and culture. Our focus is to find new ways to use our gifts to spread love, combat hate, and implement positive change in our community. We share our experiences, express our ideas, and cultivate our dreams through various forms of discussion, performances and outreach.                                                      

BSU Musicians


Executive Board

Naledi Masilo, President 

Evan Wright, Vice President

Robyn Smith, Secretary

Paul Mardy, Marketing and Communications


Social Media Accounts




Upcoming Events

Our first official gathering!

Annual BSU Mixer 

9/18 7-9pm

Food, music, conversation and more! 

BSU Power to the People


BSU Smiling Photo


NEC Christian Fellowship

A chapter of the larger organization, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, our vision is to be a community of healthy and excellent artists who follow Jesus and love the campus! We welcome everyone from all spiritual backgrounds.


Join or Die

Join or Die Productions originates and produces contemporary music theatre at New England Conservatory. An immense wealth of creativity inhabits New England Conservatory. Join or Die Productions believes that an artistic collaboration between composers and performers from all departments is essential for the development of novel ideas in an academic institution. Music of the past has so much to offer young musicians, but learning to create new art provides a vastly different and equally enriching experience for students. Musicians must learn to trust their artistic instincts, they must discover their unique abilities and interests in contemporary performance. Join or Die Productions aims to foster more of these kinds of performance experiences for students at New England Conservatory. 


Social Media Accounts:



Upcoming Events:

Auditions for our new musical "Ghost Riders (in the sky)" take place the last week of October. More information to be released soon.


Asian Student Association (ASA)


ASA is a relatively new organization run by and for Asian Pacific Islander students at NEC. Founded in 2018, each year, we host a series of cultural events and meetings to help our API students feel more at home. Our public events celebrate the heritages and cuisines (quite popular) of our home countries, while closed meetings offer a smaller space for API students to share and discuss their concerns, and find new ways of connecting the diverse student body at NEC!

While our shared passion for musical excellence provides common ground, at NEC, both international students and ethnic APIs born/raised in America face issues unique to the API experience in North America. In response, ASA events aim to strengthen our students' personal cultural identities, offer a chance for all of NEC to learn more about API cultures, and thus improve intercultural as well as international-domestic unity within the student body.

AsA Mooncake Booth


Executive Board

Ariel Mo, President

Sunwei Li, Marketing Director

Ni Nan, Vice President

Jordan Hadrill, Cultural Ambassador

Group email:


Other Social Media Accounts

Instagram: necasian

Facebook: NEC Asian Student Association


Upcoming Events:

Friday, Sep 13th 4-6pm, Mooncake Booth in the SLPC Lobby

Wednesday, December 4, Sushi event

Asian Student Association program


AsA Mooncake Booth

SAGE: Students Advocating for Gender Equality 

SAGE, or, Students Advocating for Gender Equity, is a group founded by Jolee Gordon, Grace Ward, and Cheyanna Duran. As NEC is heavily male dominated, especially in the jazz and CI departments, our main goal is to help the voices of non-male students be heard. A huge goal of ours for this year is to help NEC create a 'statement of values', that will help students feel safe at school.


Main contact information:

Jolee Gordon:

Cheyanna Duran:

Grace Ward:

Please email all members listed above when contacting them. 


Other Social Media Accounts:



Upcoming Events:

  • September 23rd: 7-9pm- Concert
  • October 7th: 5-7pm- Meeting
  • October 21st: 7-9pm- Concert
  • November 4th: 5-7pm- Meeting
  • November 18th: 7-9pm- Concert
  • December 2nd: 5-7pm- Meeting
  • December 9th: 7-9pm- Concert

The Nobodies Poetry Club

Poetry club that meets every week, Friday at 5PM to drink tea/coffee and create an amalgamation of music and poetry to be performed at open mic nights. No preparation required. 

At the end of every month, open mic night will be held: spoken word and music performances taken from these poetry workshops. 


Main contact information:

Caroline Jesalva, Neoteric:

Nico Daglio-FIne, Vice Neoteric:

Programming Chairs:

Brittany Bryant:

Jenna Stokes: 

Sarah Heimberg: 


Other Social Media Accounts:



Upcoming Events:

First meeting: “The Exposition” - Oct. 4th 4-6 PM (location is To Be Announced)

Poetry workshops - every week, Friday at 4PM. We will be working on:

  • music and poetry performances for end of month open mic
  • writing poetry
  • listening to poetry/music albums
  • coming up with programs
  • writing poems and music backdrop to original poems
  • analyze and decide on themes

Open mic night at Bower Stage! (spoken word and music performances taken from workshops) 

QUEST: Queer Union for the Equality of Students and Teachers

More information coming soon!

Outing Club

The purpose of the NEC Outing Club is to provide students with opportunities to get active and out of doors. Whether through hiking, apple-picking, canoeing, rock climbing, skiing, outdoor games and more, we aim to provide a positive and judgement free environment for students who enjoy nature and want to get moving, or for those who may have little experience but would like to try something new.

Our group leaders have extensive experience in backpacking and outdoor recreation, and one is Wilderness First Aid certified. Trips are usually on weekends, with transportation to and from NEC provided. Join us for fun and sun!

Main contact information: Kyle Quarles :

Upcoming Events:

Fall event ideas include a hike to see fall foliage and to go apple picking.



Want to make your own group? Start a Club!

All student groups will originate as clubs within Student Activities. A club, unlike an org, does not have specific responsibilities to uphold. Clubs can be more social in nature. Need some ideas? Maybe you and some friends like boards games, soccer, painting, video games or hiking or care about a specific cause.

Ready to get started? Email Robin Searcy at with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your status (undergraduate, graduate, etc.)
  • Name of club
  • Purpose or Vision of the club
  • Please describe the focus of the club. This can include:
    • Host events for the community
    • Create a space for students to connect
    • Bring awareness to a cause
    • All three and maybe more
  • The number of potential members interested
  • Any other information you feel is necessary.

The subject of your email should read as: NEC Club Proposal 2019

Proposals for the fall semester will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 


Have an idea for an event? We can help with that!

Our students have had many brilliant ideas for events to host on campus! Even if you are not a part of an organization or club, we can help you manifest your event! Stop by the SHAC to speak with our staff to brainstorm and submit a EVENT REQUEST FORM.

Requests are reviewed weekly. We encourage you to submit your request 3 weeks in advance!