Graduate Languages

NEC offers foreign language study at the graduate level in French, German, and Italian.

Graduate foreign language study is required for students pursuing a Master of Music degree in Vocal Performance, Vocal Pedagogy, Collaborative Piano, Choral Conducting, and Orchestral Conducting, and is strongly recommended as an elective for other majors, such as Strings.

Intensive study at the graduate level goes beyond an introduction to a foreign language and general conversational usage, and seeks to address the specific needs of musicians. The intensive format and daily connection with the language allows for more in-depth study of, for example, poetry and song texts that students are rehearsing and researching as they prepare for recitals and auditions. NEC alumni hold positions in music all over the world, and graduate-level study also aims to help students gain facility with a language that will serve them well when auditioning/applying for positions outside the U.S.

Foreign Language Center

Foreign Language Center

NEC’s commitment to teaching foreign languages at the graduate level has created an increasing number of students who need to maintain and practice their acquired skills and knowledge of foreign languages.  By providing an environment that encourages the conversational exchange among students, the Center for Foreign Language Study provides a platform for students to practice their acquired languages through continued regular exposure while maintaining and expanding what they have already learned in class. Additionally, the Center for Foreign Language Study will provide students with the opportunity to engage in project-based work addressing their individual needs.

The center also welcome faculty and staff with an interest in cultivating, maintaining or expanding their knowledge of French, German and Italian. Students are welcome to work with the relevant faculty member to develop a program of study that would best realize their goals.

The Foreign Language Center offers FREE individual or group language consultations to all members of the NEC community.

Some common goals for students of the center include:

  • to get extra help with languages to supplement their in-class curriculum
  • to do advanced work in a language of their choice
  • to have opportunities to practice the languages in conversational settings
  • to have help with practical elements of travel and careers abroad i.e. interviews and cultural expectations

The Center for Foreign Language Study will operate between the following hours during the Fall 2018 semester:

French Instructor: Jacob Vance Wed 10am-1pm, Fri 2-5pm
German Instructor: Megan Barrett Wed 10am-2pm, Fri 2-3pm
Italian Instructor: Francesca Santovetti Mon, Wed 11am-12pm, Fri 2-3pm

Sessions can also be made by appointment with the relevant language instructor. Please contact for further details.

Foreign Language Center Cafe