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NEC's Center for Cultural Equity and Belonging offers a variety of programs and resources for the NEC community. 


Fall Student Support Workshop Series

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CEB Fall 2022 Workshop Series



This page contains helpful links to topics and strategies that support the NEC community to develop our CEB Practice.

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CEB Resources



CEB Reflective Toolkits

CEB practical tools for faculty and staff that incorporate reflective questions to apply to curricular planning, syllabi, classes, and staff processes that can help us explore our work through the lens of various social identities and support us in developing our CEB practice.

CEB Reflective Toolkit

CEB Faculty Think Tank

A CEB Faculty Think Tank of 10 members was activated to explore CEB interdepartmental conversations and explore common CEB themes. The goal was to explore incorporating CEB into one's practice, to "workshop" ideas, and to share best practices and build tools for the NEC community that come out of the team's collaboration and collective learning. Some faculty pursued individual CEB-related projects or curricular planning that are examples of helpful practices.

The 2022-23 Faculty Think Tank consisted of:

  • Jill Gatlin
  • Nima Janmohammadi
  • Tanya Maggi
  • Carol Ou
  • Merry Peckham
  • Felicia Sanders
  • Mehmet Sanlıkol
  • Ken Schaphurst
  • Andrew Schartmann
  • Warren Senders

Please find overviews of individual projects here. Updates and progress will be shared in a panel discussion in Spring 2023. 

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