Delfina Cheb: NEC Studio Sessions

“My songs are my way of meditating, reflecting, and pouring out everything that I have learned here and in life so far," says Argentinian singer-songwriter and Contemporary Musical Arts doctoral student Delfina Cheb '21 MM, '24 DM, who joined us in the studio for Episode 2 of NEC Studio Sessions.

At 18 years old, Delfina was awarded a scholarship to get her double degree in Jazz Composition and Voice Performance at Berklee College of Music. There she explored jazz and folkloric music from different regions such as South America, North America, and the Balkans. After that, she went on to get her master's degree in Contemporary Musical Arts at New England Conservatory. Delfina is currently a doctoral student at the conservatory, continuing her research on Tango and South American music.

As an educator, Delfina has led songwriting workshops for different communities in the Boston area, including programs at the ICU COVID unit at the Massachusetts General Hospital, at the LGBTQ+ elder community of Boston, and at assisted living facilities for seniors.

As a performer, Delfina has recorded two Tango albums in Argentina with renowned Spanish producer Javier Limon which she presented in Europe and Argentina over the last four years.



"Las olas"

“Dos veces en lo mismo”

"Esta bien"


NEC Studio Sessions Team

Producer: Olivia Richter

Audio Recording: Collin Register

Cameras: Andrew Hurlbut

Video Editing: Andrew Hurlbut

Set Design: Jess Smillie