Student Leadership

NEC aims to support a wide range of opportunities for student engagement and leadership both inside and outside the performance halls and classrooms.

Student Government Association (SGA)


We are dedicated to serving the student body by soliciting and acting upon student needs and concerns.

The purpose of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to enrich the student experience, encourage student involvement, and promote the common interests and general welfare of the student body. Members of the SGA serve as a liaison between the student body and NEC’s administration and regular meetings aim to offer a unique platform for idea-sharing and engagement with NEC's senior administration.

To contact the SGA email:

Executive Panel

Brittany Bryant, President

Brittany Bryant

Brittany Bryant is a classical vocalist from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and currently serves as the Student Government President. In addition to her major, Brittany pursues a minor in Creative Arts and Cultural Studies that emphasizes poetry, language translation, and the visual arts, and also takes classes and ensembles in the Jazz and CI departments. She has always been passionate about leadership, collaboration, and communication. These passions drove her to create “Penguin Pals,” a new culture and language exchange program at NEC, to bridge global connections and support the conservatory’s international student population. As Programming Director of the Nobodies Poetry Club, she recently hosted a virtual concert to provide relief funds for NEC faculty and alumni amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. She served on the SGA structure committee, as well as on the student health and voting initiatives for the Fall 2020 semester. She is committed to uplifting student voices, promoting student concerns, and fostering a community that emphasizes support, open communication, and accessibility. Brittany is honored to be a part of the Student Government, and is eager to begin her work on the Executive Panel.

Haoyu Zheng, VP for International Student Education

Haoyu Zheng

Haoyu Zheng is a composer from Shanghai, China, and is currently studying in his sophomore year. As an international student from China, his dream is to bring the Asian culture to everyone in NEC, and he is very enthusiastic about helping other students when they have questions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he composed many works and hosted concerts in China to tribute the doctors who are fighting for the COVID-19.

As of this fall, Haoyu Zheng is serving as the Vice President of International Education in the Student Government, as he is interested in expressing the thoughts and perspectives of international students. By hosting activities at NEC, he hopes to connect the international and domestic students for a better relationship and student life. He is really delighted to take a part of this community and be a part of the Student Government.

Cate Byrne, VP for Student Life

Cate Byrne

Cate Byrne is a violinist from Readsboro, Vermont in her third year of undergraduate studies in the CI department. Along with student leadership, Cate is passionate about environmental awareness and sustainability, as well as forming human connections through music. She brings leadership experience from her past two years at NEC, including being a member of RHA, co-founding the NEC Environmental Club (NECO) and serving on the SGA structure committee. As Vice President for Student Life, Cate is especially interested in advocating for a supportive community that prioritizes the mental health of students, and helps all student organizations receive NEC support to be the best they can be. She believes that student life experience both in and outside of the classroom is a crucial element of everyone’s education and well-being. She is very excited to begin her work on NEC’s first SGA, and is honored to be part of instigating the already esteemed institution’s wonderful potential.

Hannah Dunton, VP for Communication

Hannah Dunton

Hannah Dunton is a double bassist and composer from Jersey City, New Jersey in her second year of studies in the Jazz Department. She is passionate about strong communication, organization, and transparency, and will be regularly updating the Student Government social media accounts to keep the Student Body informed. Her past experience with leadership includes teaching music classes to high school students, tutoring children in reading and writing, and founding a Gay-Straight Alliance Club at her elementary/middle school. Hannah is a proponent of activism and equitable learning environments, and hopes that her experience in the Jazz, CI, and Classical Departments along with her passion for the Liberal Arts will give the Executive Panel insight into the needs of each of the Departments and help to advocate for curriculum change as necessary. She is thrilled to be managing SGA’s social media from here on out.


Student Assembly and Senate

Student Assembly

The Student Assembly is made up of students from different majors, student organizations, class years, and affinity groups. Below is a list of Student Assembly members and working committees within the assembly:

Governmental Affairs International Student Affairs Academic Affairs Public Relations and Outreach Student Services and Relations

Mental Health Task Force

Joey Nizich Haoyu Zheng Ellie Pruneau Hannah Dunton Andrew Hughes Chloe Thum
Andrew Hughes Nan Ni Jahnvi Madan Ranfei Wang Chloe Thum Grant Houston
Luke Sieve Sunwei Li James Paul Nadien Brittany Bryant Ellie Pruneau Jahnvi Madan
Hannah Dunton   Katie Franke Cate Byrne Grant Houston

James Paul Nadien

Cate Byrne   Brittany Bryant   Luke Sieve Brittany Bryant
Brittany Bryant   Sunwei Li   Ranfei Wang Sam Fox
Haoyu Zheng   Arun Ashthagiri   Cate Byrne Tess Reagan
    Emily Mitchell   Sam Fox  
        Tess Reagan  

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The UCC meets the third Wednesday of each month to discuss new course proposals and potential changes to the undergraduate curriculum.

The Graduate Curriculum Committee

The GCC meets the third Wednesday of each month to discuss new course proposals and potential changes to the undergraduate curriculum.

The Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee meets on an as-needed basis to determine if a violation of NEC disciplinary code has occurred, and if so, how to resolve the matter.

PALs (Peer Advisor Leaders)

PALs play a vital role in welcoming new students to NEC and preparing them for a successful year. PALs are the first people new students come in contact with over the summer. They are also often the first faces that new students and parents meet when they arrive at NEC. They assist with NEC's busy Orientation week, running events and encouraging students to create friendships, get to know NEC and Boston, and attend social events. For more information about how to become a PAL, contact your Academic Advisor ( or

PAL (Peer Advisor Leader)

PALs commit to being a friend and guide for new students for an entire semester and helping them to adjust to college life and Boston. The position allows returning students the opportunity to meet and engage with new students and help shape their experience at NEC and in Boston. It also provides PALs with valuable and rewarding teamwork and leadership experience.

Penguin Editor (or Co-Editors)

The Penguin is NECs student-run monthly newspaper, featuring timely articles, interviews, tips, concert reviews, short fiction, poetry, cartoons, photos, restaurant reviews, and shout-outs. Love to write? Love the Penguin? Looking for a way to make a difference in the NEC community? Check out the Penguin for more information! 

Penguin Pals Virtual Exchange Program

The Penguin Pals virtual cultural & language exchange gives students the opportunity to participate in cross-cultural partnerships, connecting with fellow NEC students from across the globe. Students are paired up based on personal interests and goals and are given discussion topics and activities to explore with their Penguin Pal. Those in the program will also help plan monthly events for the greater NEC student body, with the goal of emphasizing community by celebrating differences.

Penguin Pals meet on a flexible basis; each student partnership will make its own schedule dependent on personal availability. Students are encouraged to get involved at any point during the semester, as there is a rolling deadline.

For more information, contact