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Sample Residence Room Layouts

Our new Residence Hall opened in Fall 2017 in the Student Life and Performance Center (SLPC). Below you will find sample floor plans and room layouts.

The new ResHall offers the following types of spaces:

  • Double Occupancy: $15,700 per student/year (including required meal plan)
  • Single Occupancy: $19,800 per student/year (including required meal plan)

Most first-year students are place in doubles, with singles and suites primarily taken by returning students.

Floor Plan:

Here is the general floor plan for floors 5 through 10. There may be some differences on each floor, for instance the layout depicts a co-ed floor with separate bathrooms. Single sex floors will also have two bathrooms; however, both bathrooms will be for the same gender.



The 4th floor accommodates the larger resident lounge, communal kitchen, and resident laundry facilities.


Room Layouts: