Reporting Violations of NEC's Title IX Policy

Determining Confidentiality

NEC respects the desire for confidentiality and will always strive to protect a person’s right to privacy. However, confidentiality can limit NEC’s ability to conduct a thorough investigation and take appropriate disciplinary action.  Additionally, NEC’s may be required to break confidentiality if the reported incident poses a credible threat to the safety of the NEC community or the public at large. Official school records are protected under FERPA, but like medical records, are subject to subpoena.

NEC may be required to break confidentiality if the reported incident was systemic or part of a broader pattern, or poses a credible threat to the safety of the NEC community or the public at large. If confidentiality cannot be granted, the adjudication process will still be available; NEC will continue to provide support and feasible accommodations; NEC will provide relevant information only to those with a need to know.

Do I have to tell the police?
NEC urges students to report instances of sexual misconduct or domestic abuse to the police. However, we understand that sometimes students are hesitant to take this step. A police report is NOT required for NEC to begin an investigation into a Title IX violation.

How do I report a violation to someone at NEC?
Designated NEC administrators are available to support both the complainant and the respondent, and provide an explanation of rights, including:

  • Access to counseling and medical services
  • Access to legal services, including obtaining a restraining order through the Boston Police Department
  • Strategies to avoid contact with the respondent while the investigation is pending
  • The option to change enrollment status, such as taking a Leave of Absence

New England Conservatory is committed to an environment where open, honest communications are the expectation, not the exception.

Students are encouraged to report violations to a member of the Title IX team (listed below), who have been educated in the rights of and services available for both complainants and respondents:

Nick Macke
Title IX Coordinator
Director of Human Resources 
Office of Human Resources (St. Botolph Building, room 203)

Steven Sweat
Director of Residence Life and Housing 
Office of Student Services

Christine Witmer
Assistant Director, Preparatory School
Preparatory School

Alternatively, students may log into My NEC to access confidential, third-party reporting options, provided by EthicsPoint, listed under the "Security & Safety" tab.

In cases of emergency, students should contact Campus Safety at 617-585-1777.

What will happen to the person I have accused?
The responding party has a right to be informed of the accusation and of the investigative procedures, including the right to an advisor. Please see the RESOURCES PAGE for a complete description of rights of the Complainant and Respondent. During the investigation, the Title IX coordinator will attempt to separate the accused from the accuser. This may require a room-change in the residence hall, and/or a temporary change of course/rehearsal schedules. 

As with all disciplinary cases, if the Title IX Coordinator determines that there is an imminent risk to the safety of community members or the ongoing functions of NEC and its community, he/she may suspend or otherwise restrict NEC access for the accused student without prejudice to his or her record until the conclusion of the disciplinary proceeding.