Reporting Violations of NEC's Title IX and Gender-Based Misconduct Policies


a)    Who can I tell if I want to keep it confidential?
The Counseling Center provides students with access to non-emergency medical care and/or counseling appointments with trained and credentialed counselors. The Counseling Center can be contacted at 617-585-1284.  The counselors of the Counseling Center are bound by professionally and legally recognized confidentiality requirements that prohibit the release of information without an individual’s express written consent except as required by law.

NEC students may also receive confidential student health services through NEC’s partnership with the Tufts Center for Collegiate Wellness. These health services may include, without limitation, urgent care, expedited referrals to specialty care, and after hours resources through telehealth or the Emergency Department. Students can call the Collegiate Center for Wellness at 617-636-6006 to schedule an appointment or to request more information. The phone line’s hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Staff and faculty can access referrals to medical, counseling, and additional forms of support through NEC’s confidential third-party Employee Assistance Program, Employee Connect, by calling 1-888-628-4824 or visiting Additional information on Employee Connect is posted on ADP. Employees can also contact Human Resources with any questions.

b)    Are there times when NEC cannot keep the information confidential?
NEC respects the desire for confidentiality and will always strive to protect a person’s right to privacy. However, strict confidentiality can limit NEC’s ability to conduct a thorough investigation and take appropriate disciplinary action. Additionally, as explained in the Policy, there are circumstances where NEC is obligated to follow up on a report even if a Reporting Party does not wish to do so if the reported incident was systemic or part of a broader pattern, or poses a credible threat to the safety of the NEC community or the public at large.  

c)    How do I report a violation to someone at NEC?

i) Students are encouraged to report violations to a Title IX Officer or staff within the Office of Student Services who have been educated in the rights of and services available for both Reporting Parties and Responding Parties.
ii) Employees are encouraged to report violations to a Title IX Officer or to the Office of Human Resources.
iii) Violations may be reported in writing or verbally at any time without limitation, but a written complaint may be required for some processes to apply, pursuant to federal regulations
iv) Designated NEC administrators are available to support both parties and provide an explanation of rights, including access to counseling and medical services and the ability to institute a separate criminal complaint, including obtaining a restraining order through the Boston Police Department.

d) Student Amnesty for Underage Drinking, Excessive Drinking and Illegal Drug Use
Although underage drinking, excessive drinking and illegal drug use are violations of NEC’s Code of Conduct, students will be given amnesty for these offenses when there are reporting allegations of sexual assault.  In other words, a student who is assaulted while under the influence of drugs or alcohol – or who witnesses an assault or a violation of this Policy – should not be afraid to report the incident to school officials.