Practice Room Reservations

health and safety requirements

NEC practice room access is limited to NEC community members only, by reservation only.  Practice room users are required to adhere to all health and safety standards while on campus, including health screening and all COVID-19 requirements.  More information can be found by visiting the NEC Resource Center webpage.

NEC is guided by a deep commitment to the health and safety of our community, and it is the responsibility of each practice room user to match this commitment.  Inability to meet practice room requirements or inappropriate use of practice rooms may result in the suspension of practice room privileges.  We will update our policies as needed, and in accordance with guidelines from the CDC and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

reservation requirements

It is the responsibility of all practice room users to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Practice rooms are available by reservation only.
  • Practice rooms may be reserved up to 4 days in advance, and users are permitted to make same-day reservations.
  • Practice sessions are limited to 120 minutes maximum (2 hours.)
  • Users are permitted a maximum of four (4) reservations per day.  
  • Students must abide by practice room reservation times, and may not arrive early or stay late.

small ensemble, chamber music, and vocal rehearsal rooms

NEC practice rooms are available for self-reservation by small ensembles, chamber music groups, and voice students with pianists.  Use of these rooms is first come, first served, and all students are required to adhere to the following restrictions in all designated spaces:

expectations FOR shared use 

Practice rooms will be cleaned regularly based on NEC's health guidelines.  All users are expected to use proper hygiene prior to using any shared device (including pianos) on campus.  Before and after using shared equipment, users make use of available cleaning supplies and then properly wash hands or apply hand sanitizer.  Brass players should use collection methods to properly manage instrument condensation.

Practice Room/Small ensemble room Reservations

Use the link below to reserve practice rooms based on your instrumentation and designation.  Reservations may be made from a computer, laptop, smartphone, or other mobile device.



Room Reservation Instructions

Log In Using your NEC email address and password
Step 1: Select Venue(s)

Select your practice room based on instrumentation, piano needs, and location.  

  • Piano Priority rooms are reserved for piano majors only, and require key card access.
  • General Practice rooms are available for all other instruments and voice.
  • All NEC practice rooms are available for small ensembles, chamber music groups, or voice with piano, as limited by the group descriptions listed above.
  • General Practice rooms are listed with piano availability (upright, grand, or digital.)
  • Percussion, harp, and double bass students should contact the Scheduling Office for more information on access to designated practice spaces.
Step 2: Select Date(s)

Select the required date.  You may select more than one date by clicking multiple date selections from a computer.

  • Reservations may not be booked more than four (4) days in advance.
Step 3: Select Time(s)

Select practice room sessions.

  • Practice sessions may be reserved anytime during building hours, and may take place back-to-back.
  • All sessions are 120-minutes long.
  • You may not schedule more than four (4) sessions per day.
Step 4: Your Details

Current Availability:  Shows your confirmed date, time, and practice room location.

Additional Information: Under Booking Type, choose PRACTICE ROOM from the drop-down menu.

Your Details:  Enter your name and email address.  Organization field not required, active email address required to make reservations..

Book All Available: Confirm your practice room reservation.

Step 5: Finished You will receive an email confirmation for your practice room reservation to your email address.  Please save this email confirmation as a reference of your approved practice room reservation.

other scheduling reservation requests

For all other venue scheduling requests, submit a General Use Reservation Request.  Additional venue reservations are offered on a first come, first served basis based on availability and need.  Due to scheduling challenges and venue availability, the Scheduling Office may not be able to fulfill your request.  We thank you for your flexibility and understanding. Please allow a minimum 24 business hours advance for all reservation requests.

For more information, please visit the Scheduling Office webpage.