Board of Trustees 2024-25

NEC’s Board of Trustees are the fiduciaries who steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as by making sure New England Conservatory has adequate resources to advance its mission.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for governing the resources of the institution, including the evaluation and approval of an annual budget, the investment results of the endowment, fundraising successes and challenges, member nominations, and the academic results and standing of the institution.

Elected Officers

Thomas W. Blumenthal, Chair
Barbara Glauber, Vice Chair
Blair Hendrix, Vice Chair
John Loder, Secretary

Elected Trustees

Nikolaos Athanasiou ’01
Allison Bailey
Anne Bartlett
Henry Becton
Enid L. Beal
Becky Bermont
Kennett F. Burnes '22 Hon. DM
Mei-Ann Chen '95, '98
Deborah Bennett Elfers ’82
Uzochi N. Erlingsson
Timothy Fulham
Anna Goldenheim
Edwin D. Graves, Jr. ’87 MM
Eric A. Gray  

Saj-nicole Joni
Kimberly McCaslin
Murray Metcalfe
Margaret Nichols
Peter Ross
Robert Rosiello
Sally Rubin
Peter Seka ’88
Chad T. Smith ’95, ’98 MM
Michael Thonis
Thomas Wilkins ’82
Frances Bolton Wilmerding
Ex officio: Andrea Kalyn, President


Life Trustees

Joseph L. Bower ’18 hon. DM
Barbara de Bragança
Carroll L. Cabot
Gene D. Dahmen
Corinne Ferguson
Samuel L. Hayes III
Carol T. Henderson
John L. Hornor ’53, ’55 MM, ’57 AD

Richard P. Morse
Katharine M. Pell
Harold I. Pratt ’17 Hon. DM
David W. Scudder ’03 Hon. DM
Wendy Shattuck ’75
Norton Q. Sloan
Prudence L. Steiner
James L. Terry ’93 Hon. DM
Jack H. Vernon