Choral Conducting

Central to the core of NEC’s Master of Music in Choral Conducting program is to create an effective, and efficient, choral conductor who understands that conducting is both an art and a craft.

Conducting is about teaching. To be an effective and efficient teacher, one must possess the passion to teach, the ability to communicate, be an excellent musician, and have the desire to be a life-long learner. Choral conducting is about all of these things, as well as the ability to inspire singers toward excellence and provide them with the appropriate means to communicate the expressive character of the music.

At NEC the choral conducting curriculum addresses the vital skills required of a successful, resourceful conductor, including exploration of gesture, rehearsal style and strategies, a working knowledge of multiple languages, aural and theoretical musical skills, as well as knowledge of choral literature. Key features of the program are the understanding of conducting practice in relation to the voice and vocal health, extensive podium time with the NEC choirs, a conducting internship with a Boston-based choral ensemble, and four semesters of weekly individual studio lessons.

Admission to the program is based on screening of video submissions, followed by possible invitation to Boston for a live audition with an NEC choir, interview, and entrance examination.

Alumni of the Program