EM Travel Fund

The Entrepreneurial Student Travel Fund provides financial assistance for expenses related to travel needs of NEC students as they pursue professional opportunities outside of Boston. Administered by the Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department, these travel grants are provided specifically to students who can show significant participation with the EM program (classes, grant program, EM Nova Fellowship, etc.) and support the following activities:

  • Travel to perform at festivals where students have been invited to attend but costs are a barrier
  • Travel funding for tours of ensembles (regional, national, and international)
    • Examples of recent received requests include:
      • Ensemble tour in the New England area
      • Touring of chamber ensembles in China
  • Travel funding for national/international conferences, festivals, and professional training (educational and performance based)
  • Travel to fund original research projects
  • Travel and lodging funding for professional auditions

Travel funds are awarded via reimbursement. After an application has been approved, students are expected to purchase their travel expenses and submit receipts to the Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department for reimbursement processing.


To apply students must submit the following to the EM Department:

  • A brief letter of support from NEC Faculty member
  • Documentation of event / invitation to participate
  • Budget requested (Use this Budget Template)
  • Evidence of Involvement with EM Department

Normally, students are eligible to receive funding up to $1,000 in support of their travel.

Applications are received on a rolling basis and will be reviewed by NEC Faculty & Staff.

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