Student Recital Scheduling

The Scheduling Office is pleased to offer student recital scheduling for the Fall 2023 semester, and we invite you to place your request for preferred recital dates, times, and locations.  Please review the important information below in planning your recital and navigating the 23-24 recital scheduling process.


  • Perform your recital early in the semester for best availability. Late-semester recital scheduling means fewer choices of time and venue.
  • Reserve your recital a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of your preferred date. We honor recital requests on a first come, first served basis.
  • Don’t delay! If you ignore schedule deadlines, we may be unable to provide a recital date on campus, or to provide Production and streaming services.
  • Recitals are limited to 90 minutes inclusive of any pauses, remarks, or intermissions.
  • Post-recital receptions are an option! Receptions may not exceed 30 minutes. Set up and clean up are your responsibility.
  • Due to the high volume of anticipated recitals, we will not be able to accommodate optional recitals during the 23-24 academic year.

Please Note: Cancellation or rescheduling your recital requires a 2-week notice. If you cancel without notice, the Scheduling and Production Offices may not be able to offer support for your new date.

Student Recital Support and the "Buddy System"

NEC is pleased to introduce a new "buddy system" for student recital support and production.  This system permits students to either self-manage recitals, or to ask a "buddy" - a studio colleague, friend, or teacher - to help with stage changes and recital management.  There will not be a dedicated NEC stage manager for student recitals.  The "buddy system" will function in this way:

  • NEC production staff will pre-set your assigned recital space with necessary equipment including moving pianos, setting audience seating, and providing basic recital setup.
  • You will manage your own set changes and logistics with the help of your "buddy", if you need an extra pair of hands.

Thank you for your flexibility with this new system, and don't forget to enlist your "buddy" well in advance of your recital date!

Timeline for Student Recital Scheduling, 22-23 Academic Year

May 17, 2023 Fall 2023 recital scheduling begins
October 13, 2023 Spring 2024 recital scheduling begins and *Fall Recital Scheduling Ends
October 3 - November 22, 2023 Academic Advising and Registration for Spring 2024*
January 16, 2024 Spring 2024 recital scheduling continues
February 2, 2024 *Last day to schedule Spring recitals

*Pending remaining date, time, and venue availability.

Recital Reservation Process

All recitals must be reserved a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of your preferred recital date.  All recital requests will be honored on a first come, first served basis.  Every effort will be made to honor your date, time, and location requests.



Review the dates on the 2023-2024 Student Recital Availability Calendar.   If a date does not show any specific times and performance halls, then recitals are not available on that date.  

IMPORTANT:  It is the responsibility of the student to coordinate recital date requests with their studio teacher's availability.  Recital dates should not be requested until teacher availability is confirmed.

2023-2024 Student Recital Availability Calendar


Complete the 2023 Fall Student Recital Request Form to request recital dates, times, and locations.  Please allow 48 business hours for your reservation request to be processed.  Your recital date, time, and location are not finalized until you receive a confirmation email from the Scheduling Office.

You must register for a degree required recital in PowerCampus Self-Service before your recital request can be confirmed. For registration questions, please email or call 617-585-1310.

2023 Fall Student Recital
Request Form


Once your recital has been confirmed by the Scheduling Office, please fill out an NEC Production Form.  

  • Complete a Production Form a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your recital.

  • Services are not confirmed until you have received confirmation from NEC production staff.  

NEC Production Form

Recital dress rehearsals: Dress rehearsals will be scheduled only after all the steps listed above are completed.  Dress rehearsals are limited to 60 minutes total and subject to venue availability.


Before your recital, don't forget to reach out to your "buddy" to assist with stage changes and production support.  NEC stage managers will not be assigned to student recitals.

Jazz and Contemporary Musical Arts (CMA) Recital Scheduling

Because of the additional production needs for many Jazz and CI recitals, the Scheduling Office will work with you to review available recital halls in conjunction with recital programming and equipment needs.  After submitting your request for available dates, times, and venues, the Scheduling Office may contact you to review options and confirm event details.

Audience Requirements and Campus Access

Full-capacity audiences are permitted in all performance venues.

Post-recital receptions are being reinstated and limited to 30 minutes - set up and clean up are at the responsibility of the student.

Recital Recording and Streaming

Recording and Performance Technology Services (RPTS) will provide recording services (audio and video) and streaming services for all required recitals.  More information can be found on the RPTS webpage.  Please contact RPTS with any questions, or to request additional services.  Amplification services are not automatic and must be arranged for directly with the RPTS office within 2 weeks of receiving your recital confirmation.

Recital Production, Equipment, or Instrument Requests

All students are required to complete the NEC Production Form in conjunction with your scheduled recital.  Production forms must be submitted a minimum of 3 weeks prior to your recital.  Please provide any specific information that will assist NEC's production staff with your recital setup, or request specific needs using this form.  Amplification services cannot be arranged for using this form.  Please contact RPTS directly.

NEC Production Form

Recital Rescheduling, Cancellation, or Postponement

Due to the large volume of recitals anticipated for the 23-24 academic year, recitals may only be rescheduled in the case of illness, injury, health or family emergency, or other extenuating circumstances which impede the musician to safely perform the scheduled recital date.  Insufficient preparation prior to the scheduled recital date is not grounds for rescheduling or cancellation. 

If you need to reschedule, cancel, or postpone your recital in case of emergency, please contact the Scheduling Office to discuss options. Rescheduling is not guaranteed, and rescheduling of support services will be at the discretion of NEC's production services and RPTS.

Department Contacts

Scheduling Office
Errica Moran, Scheduling and Event Coordinator

Production Office
Bob Winters, Director of Performance Production Services

Recording and Performance Technology Services (RPTS)

Instrument Library
Heather Martell, Instrument Collection Coordinator

Piano Services

Recital Programs and Digital Display
Sally Millar, Administrator for Chorus