A community of spirited young people.

Plus superb conservatory faculty, and as many approaches to meaningful musical education as there are students — that’s NEC Prep.

Every week, over 1600 students from across New England — absolute beginners to the most advanced young musicians — participate in lessons, classes, and ensembles. NEC Prep is one of the largest programs of its kind in the nation.

What do you want to do?
NEC Prep School Horn section rehearses

I want to play

At NEC, young musicians can explore all kinds of instruments, from early childhood on.

Prep Singer with Youth Jazz Orchestra

I want to sing

Young singers at NEC get a very special kind of training with lots of variety—voice lessons, choruses, jazz, musical theatre, rock, world music, and more!

Prep Piano lesson

I want to compose

Every musician is a composer. Students as young as eight can start learning to hear and create the elements of music.

Prep Eurhythmics Class

I want to explore

Foundation classes like chorus, music theory, composition, and the art of practice and performance are for every musician at NEC, whatever the level or instrument!

We invite you to explore the many opportunities for your child here. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’d love your family to join our family and make NEC Prep your musical home.

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Hear us play!

I just felt like it was home.
Prep Student

All levels

The NEC Difference: A Place for Every Player

Students can enter at any level of training and move at their own pace.

Prep Youth Philharmonic Orchestra

À la carte offerings

The NEC Difference: Flexibility

À la carte offerings mean you have the flexibility to shape the musical education that best fits your child. Enroll in just one activity (ensembles, lessons, classes) or any combination thereof.

in the N E C Prep Harp studio


The NEC Difference: Faculty

Our faculty is world-class and wonderful, full of teachers and performers committed to nurturing young musicians.

An N E C Prep piano lesson

Certificate Program

The NEC Difference: Challenge

We also offer a range of certificate programs for the committed student looking for an ambitious, advanced placement-like path.

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Recent News
Wed, August 3
The Borromeo String Quartet says goodbye to NEC faculty member and violist Mai Motobuchi, a member of the quartet for 22 years, and welcomes new violist Melissa Reardon ’02 MM, ’03 GD.
Mon, July 25
New England Conservatory is pleased to announce the appointment of John Spinard as Chief Administrative and Financial Officer.
Wed, July 20
NEC welcomes Saj-nicole Joni, Murray Metcalfe, and Peter Ross to the Board of Trustees, and Kennett F. Burnes ’22 Hon. DM, Renée Burns, Yelena Dudochkin, Pedro Sifre, and Anthony Trecek-King to the President's Council.
Wed, June 22
Clayton Stephenson '23 NEC/Harvard was one of the six remarkable finalists who advanced to the final round, with Andrew Li ’23 NEC/Harvard and Changyong Shin ‘24 AD also receiving Jury Discretionary Awards. Five NEC students in total were admitted to the competition, and NEC also enjoys a special connection to the gold medal winner. 
Wed, June 15
News from NEC students, alumni, and faculty members including Jaewon Wee, Alexander Hersh, Thomas Wilkins, Matthew Duveneck, Ashleigh Gordon, Kati Agócs and James Sommerville, Tristan Rais-Sherman, Ran Blake, Michael Rau, and Morgan Short, plus other recent news and wins.