The Green Room Café offers a variety of options including a salad bar, grill, daily entrees, and Grab-N-Go items. 

The Green Room Café is the on-campus dining hall located on the first floor of the Student Life and Performance Center catered by Rebecca's Cafe. 

For those with gluten, nut, shellfish or other severe food allergies, accommodations can be made. Please notify Dining Services staff of your allergies in advance.

Off-campus students, faculty, staff, and visitors can pay with cash, credit card or Penguin Pass by loading their IDs with Café Cash.


Standard Hours of Operation during academic Year:

Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 8:00pm
Friday: 8:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am - 7:00pm


Phone: 617-585-1288
Email: dining.services@necmusic.edu


Residential Meal Plan

All resident students are required to participate in the meal plan program. Student may select from the following plans.

Base Plan – 19 meals per week (this is the base plan and part of the students Room & Board fee when they live on campus)

  • Access to the Green Room Café during all meal periods, 3 meals per day, (19) in a week.
  • 1 swipe per meal period - Includes: 1 entrée, 1 side, and 1 beverage (some restrictions apply)
  • $100 in Café Cash per semester for premium menu items and Encore Café by Rebecca’s. (May carry over from fall to spring.)




Meal Plan for Non-Residents, Faculty, & Staff

Meal Block Plan

Enjoy the Benefits of the Student Meal Plan

  • Deposit $80 on your Penguin Pass and receive  10 meals to use at any time.  The Block Plan can be added at the Business Office.   
  • Look for the musical note to identify the meal plan  options in the Green Room Café. 

Bonus Bucks Plan

Available to load onto your Penguin Pass,  bonus bucks plans can be purchased at the Business Office. 

  • Orchestra Plan Buy $700 and receive $800
  • Symphony Plan Buy $500 and receive $550
  • Chamber Plan Buy $300 and receive $325 

 Rebecca’s Gift Card

  • More convenient than cash, Rebecca’s Cards  in any amount are available at the register. 
  • Reload your Card or check your balance at the café. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my meal swipes on the basic meal plan and premium meal plan role over from meal-to-meal  and week-to-week?

  • The meal plans provide 19 meal swipes. Students can use one meal swipe per meal Mon-Fri and one for brunch and dinner on Saturday and again on Sunday. The meal swipes do not carry over from meal-to-meal or week-to-week. Our hope with this plan is to ensure students on the meal plan don’t run out of meal swipes over the course of the week while creating a meal plan that helps NEC budget and plan for our student’s needs. This is our first year with this new model so be sure to let us know what you think! 

 What’s the difference between Cafe Cash  and Cold Cash?

  • Cafe Cash can only be used in the Green Room Cafe. It is intended to be used for extra food, premium food options, and snacks.  
  • Cold Cash can be used on the laundry machines, vending machines, and local establishments. More information about Cold Cash and participating establishments can be found here: https://necmusic.edu/penguin-pass/accepting-locations 

 How do I add Cafe Cash or Cold Cash to my Penguin Pass?

  • Students, faculty, and staff can add Cafe Cash and Cold Cash to the Penguin Pass by going here: https://necmusic.edu/penguin-pass 
  • If students, faculty, or staff want to add a block of meal swipes to their card, please go to the Business Office in St. Botolph, Room 201 (Just past Student Services and ITS). 

I’m on the basic meal plan and noticed that I have $100 in Cafe Cash on my Penguin Pass. What is this for? Does Cold Cash reload automatically?

  • $100 in Cafe Cash was put on your Penguin Pass as part of the standard meal plan in case you want to go back for extra food, premium food items, or a snack. Cafe Cash works as a declining balance with each purchase and does not automatically reload.
  • To add more Cafe Cash to your Penguin Pass, go here: https://necmusic.campuscardcenter.com/ch/login.html 

 What’s the difference between the basic meal plan and the premium meal plan for on-campus residents?

  • The basic meal plan and premium meal plan are similar in that they both offer 19 meal swipes with cafe cash for extra food, premium items, and snacks. The premium meal plan offers additional cafe cash, guest swipes, meal swipes at Rebecca’s Cafe in Churchill Hall at Northeastern, and a student care package delivery each semester.  

 What’s the best option for faculty and staff?

  • This is our first year trying meal plans that support faculty and staff. In an effort to be flexible, faculty and staff can order blocks of meal swipes or add Cold Cash to their ID card. If you plan to eat on a regular basis in the Green Room Cafe, check out the Bonus Bucks that are available by putting $300, $500, or $700 on your ID card in the Business Office. More information about the meal blocks and bonus bucks here:  https://necmusic.edu/dining-services 

 What’s the best option for Prep School families?

  • Prep School families can purchase meals with cash, credit card, or a Rebecca’s Gift Card which can be purchased at the register. 

 I purchased the premium meal plan. When can I use those meal swipes at the Rebecca’s Cafe in Churchill Hall on Northeastern University’s campus?

  • Hours and information about menus at Rebecca’s Cafe  at Northeastern can be found here: rebeccascafe.com/northeastern

I ordered the premium meal plan which includes a couple of student care packages. What are my options and how do I order one if I paid for the premium meal plan?

  • Contact Rebecca’s Culinary Group at 617.585.1288 or necdining@rebeccascafe.com to create a customized nourish box which can include trail mix, beverages, fruit, fresh baked goods, chocolate specialties and more.  

 How do I give feedback about how the new menu and meal plans?

  • We are very excited to be working with Rebecca’s Cafe this year and we are trying a lot of new ideas! If you have feedback about the menus, meal plans, or anything else related to dining at NEC, email us anytime at diningservices@necmusic.edu or tell us in person. WE LOVE FEEDBACK and can’t wait to hear more about your experience! 
  • There is also a Dining Advisory Committee that meets regularly to talk about all things dining. If you’d like to be involved with the committee or have feedback for the committee, please email Nick Tatar, Dean of Students.  

 Has NEC considered an all-you-can eat meal plan?

  • The current meal plan structure uses meals swipes instead of an all-you-can eat model because we wanted to keep the dining hall open to everyone, regardless of whether or not you are eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If we switched to an all-you-can eat meal swipe, we would need to close the seating area off so that food is only being eaten by those that are using their meal plan. 

 What happens to cafe cash at the end of the year?

  • Cafe Cash rolls over from the fall to spring semester but it does not roll over from year-to-year. Cafe cash must be spent by the time the dining hall closes at the end of the academic year.