Resident Student Work Orders


Work Order Submissions

Resident students can submit work orders to have a member of the Building Operations staff review, fix, or replace any broken or missing items within their assigned room, hallways, lounges, restrooms, and other areas within the Residence Hall. Simply submit your request to Please allow at least 24 hours for a Building Operations staffer to respond to your request.

Building Operations

The Building Operations department manages maintenance requests, custodial services, pest control services, laundry facilities, heat/air conditioning, plumbing, electricity and card reader maintenance. Emergency requests should be reported directly Residence Hall Security at 617-585-1255.

Facilities Emergencies

A facilities emergency is any problem involving running water that will not stop running or any problem involving heat or air conditioning causing a space to be cooler than 50 degrees or warmer then 80 degrees. In a facilities emergency, please call Residence Hall Security at 617-585-1255 immediately. 

Student Housing and Activities Center (SHAC)

The SHAC is staffed by student workers who can assist you with room lockouts. Due to the current global pandemic, the SHAC is currently closed until further notice to all resident students. 

Information Technology Services (ITS)

ITS manages requests regarding wireless internet connections, Residence Hall lounge/lobby telephones and cable TV. Submit requests to