Campus Safety

The New England Conservatory of Music (NEC) is committed to providing a safe, secure, and enjoyable environment for our guests, staff, and performers. For everyone’s safety, all people entering our buildings are required to pass through a security gate. All persons, bags, and cases that are flagged by the security gates will be subject to closer inspection.  

If you are unable to walk through the gates, please speak with a member of the security team about an alternative screening.

NEC reserves the right to deny entry to any guest who declines a security screening, or refuses, when asked, to have their person, bags or cases checked.

Building Access

College Students, Faculty, and Staff

We require all of our students, faculty, and staff to present their Penguin Pass upon entering any of our buildings. 

Prep Students and Families

Prep students will use their Penguin Pass to enter our buildings. Prep parents/guardians must present their campus pass upon entering buildings.


Visitors will be required to present a photo ID and sign-in with security when they enter a building. Faculty and staff should notify security if they are expecting a visitor to expedite entry.

Concert Guests

Concert guests are subject to bag checks when entering NEC facilities.

Prohibited Items

NEC discourages guests from bringing musical instruments, instrument cases, and large bags to any event. Performance halls, including Jordan Hall, do not have coat checks or storage space. NEC management reserves the right to prohibit any item deemed unsafe, disruptive, or oversized from coming into performance spaces at any time.

A list of prohibited items include, but are not limited to

  • weapons of any kind

  • laser pens and pointers

  • audio/video recording devices

  • cameras with external flash or interchangeable lenses

  • Large bags or backpacks

  • food or drink, including alcohol, cans or bottles

  • Illegal drugs/substances or other related paraphernalia

  • cigarettes, including e-cigarettes or other related paraphernalia

  • animals (except service animals)

  • balloons, stickers, beach balls, and glitter

  • artificial noisemakers (airhorns, whistles, etc.)

  • fireworks of any kind

  • large signs

  • any item deemed inappropriate or dangerous by NEC staff