Box Office

NEC Box Office will not be open for in-person sales for the 2023-2024 Season. Tickets for NEC events may be reserved online, or starting 30 minutes before each Jordan Hall event in the Gainsborough lobby.

NEC’s Jordan Hall Box Office staff will be available to answer questions, to facilitate advance ticket sales to patrons, and will offer same-day ticketing services. NEC will continue digital ticketing services for the 2023-24 concert season.

All members of the NEC community, as well as visiting guests and the general public, are required to hold a ticket for each NEC Jordan Hall event. If you wish to reserve a ticket for an NEC concert, please visit the Concerts & Events listing page and select the concert you would like to attend. The NEC Box Office does not grant refunds or exchanges for NEC events. If you wish to buy tickets for an outside organization, please visit their website directly to purchase tickets.

The Box Office is open Tuesday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and can be reached by emailing or by telephone at 617-585-1260.

We thank you for your flexibility and dedication to ensuring a safe and healthy experience for all patrons joining us at New England Conservatory. Please do not hesitate to contact the NEC Box Office with any questions.

New Security Gates for Campus Safety

NEC is pleased to announce a significant security enhancement. Evolv Express security gates are located at the entrances of both the Student Life and Performance Center (SLPC) and Jordan Hall. Each building will now adopt a one-way traffic pattern, marked by signage for entrances and exits.

As you attend events on campus, you'll notice open-air gates equipped with sensor technology at the entrance of each building. These gates, which are also installed in performance venues like Symphony Hall, are intended to detect prohibited weapons that may be concealed in cases, bags, and pockets. We ask that you please allow for a few minutes of additional time for this new process when coming to campus for an event or performance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Requirements & Restrictions

NEC's COVID protocols are subject to change in accordance with updates to public health guidance and federal and state requirements. 

Am I required to wear a mask?

No, masks are not required to attend concerts and events at New England Conservatory as of June 21st, 2022.


Am I required to provide proof of vaccination or a negative test?

As of Monday, October 31, 2022, ushers will no longer be checking vaccination cards or test records before entry to an event. 

All patrons and guests of New England Conservatory must be up to date on COVID vaccination (currently defined by NEC as receipt of an approved COVID-19 primary series followed by one booster vaccination when eligible) or have received a negative COVID test at least 24 hours before a concert or event. Individuals should not come to campus if they are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or any new cold-like or allergy symptoms. 


Is NEC allowing full capacity at concerts?

Yes. For the 2023-2024 concert season, we will be operating our concert hall at full capacity.


What other restrictions and guidelines is NEC following in order to ensure the safety and wellness of performers and audience members?

NEC will not be offering concessions or merchandise tables this season. Please be aware we are not allowing food and beverage of any kind to enter the hall. 

In order to ensure a safe and healthy performance experience for all involved in compliance with NEC’s COVID-19 requirements and restrictions, NEC reserves the right to refuse entry or remove any individuals for any of the following reasons:

  • Indication of health issues or other symptoms for any individual upon arrival to NEC facilities.


Do I need tickets for all Jordan Hall concerts?

Yes. All members of the NEC community, as well as visiting guests and the general public, are required to hold a ticket for NEC concerts at Jordan Hall unless specified otherwise. Reserve your ticket here


I had my tickets emailed to me, what do I do?

On your confirmation email, there will be a PDF attachment that serves as your tickets. When you arrive, please show this ticket to the usher on your smartphone or tablet. Our ticket scanners work best when your screen brightness is set to maximum. If you prefer, you may print them out and present the physical copies for scanning.


Can I reserve tickets in person?

For NEC concerts, you can only reserve tickets in person 30 minutes before the start of the performance. Due to large crowds arriving at this same time, we suggest to reserve your tickets ahead of time. See Concerts & Events

For other concerts presented by external organizations (such as Boston Baroque, Handel & Haydn, and Celebrity Series), this varies by night. Please contact the presenting organization directly to find out more.


Can I reserve tickets over the phone?

Tickets may be reserved by phone at 617-585-1260, though an email address and email delivery are required. Phone hours are 11am-2pm Tuesday-Thursday. You may also reserve your ticket online at any time. Reserve your ticket here


I have seats 2 and 4 – are they next to each other?

Yes. Seats are numbered evenly on the right side of the hall, odd on the left, and consecutive hundreds (101,102, 103 ect.) in the middle orchestra seating.


I've lost my ticket, what do I do?

If you reserved tickets from the NEC Box Office or on the NEC website, inquire about reprinting tickets by emailing the Box Office. If you bought tickets directly from the presenting organization, you must inquire by contacting them directly.


I can't make a performance. Can I get my money back?

You must contact your point of purchase to request a refund. All presenting organizations decide if they allow refunds or exchanges. Please inquire with them directly. Per NEC's policy we don't perform "refunds or exchanges". 


Are there any seats with obstructed view in NEC's Jordan Hall?

Yes. Due to the semi-circular shape of Jordan Hall, there are some seats that are considered to have a partially obstructed view.  In any of these seats, a small portion of the stage will not be visible.  No view in Jordan Hall is completely obstructed, and there are no pillars to block the view of the stage.  Sometimes the railing in front of the balcony can impede the view of patrons sitting in the first row.  Children are encouraged not to lean forward on the railing for a better view.  There is also a break on either side of the balcony in row G between seats 15 and 17 on the Left and seats 16 and 18 on the right. Here is a list of these slightly obstructed seats:

Circle Section (Downstairs):          

  • Row N Left seats 1-15, Right seats 2-16     
  • Row O Left seats 1-15, Right seats 2-16     
  • Row P Left seats 1-15, Right seats 2-16     
  • Row Q Left seats 1-15, Right seats 2-16   
  • Row R Left seats 1-17, Right seats 2-18     

Balcony Section:

  • Row A Left seats 1-13, Right seats 2-14
  • Row B Left seats 1-9, Right seats 2-10
  • Row C Left seats 1-5, Right seats 2-6
  • Row D Left seats 1-5, Right seats 2-6
  • Row E Left seats 1-5, Right seats 2-6
  • Row F Left seats 1-9, Right seats 2-10
  • Row G Left seats 1-15, Right seats 2-16


What time should I arrive for a concert?

Doors to Jordan Hall will open 30 minutes prior to concert start time. Patrons should not arrive earlier than this time as our facilities will remain closed to external guests. 


Is there parking at New England Conservatory?

NEC does not have a private parking lot. On-street parking is extremely limited.

There are two conveniently located parking garages: Gainsborough Garage at 10 Gainsborough Street and Westland Avenue Garage at 35 Westland Avenue.


I will be late for a performance. Will I be let in?

We make every effort to begin our performances on time. In consideration of the performers and other audience members, latecomers will be seated at the discretion of the management, usually between pieces, if possible.


At the Venue

Do you have a coat check?

Yes. There is a coat check located in the hall to the right next to the Men's Restrooms. The coat check is free of charge.

Will my bag be searched?

The New England Conservatory of Music is committed to providing a safe, secure, and enjoyable environment for students, staff, and patrons alike. For everyone's safety, at certain performances and events, bags and cases will be subject to inspection prior to admission to Jordan Hall.

All guests are required to allow authorized security officers to check bags and instrument cases before entering a performance or event. 

NEC reserves the right to prohibit attendees form bringing into a performance or event at any time any items (including, without limitation, bags or cases or the items within bags and cases) deemed by authorized security officers or designated representatives or employees of NEC to be prohibited, unsafe, dangerous, illegal or disruptive. NEC reserves the right to confiscate prohibited items and/or deny entry to evict those who are in breach of NEC's Bag Check policy, other relevant policies of NEC, and/or those who pose a danger or disruption to the performance or event or to other guests. Items that are confiscated may not be returned. 

Refusal of a bag search will result in denial of entry to, or ejection from, the performance or event. This policy is subject to change without notice. 

Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: 

  • weapons of any kinds, including firearms, ammunition, knives, swords, scissors, pepper spray and any dangerous items, 
  • flashlights and laser pens and pointers,
  • interchangeable lens camera, video, and/or audio recording equipment,
  • bags or backpacks larger than 18" x 14" x 9",
  • illegal drugs/substances and other related paraphernalia,
  • animals (except service animals),
  • balloons, stickers, and glitter,
  • artificial noisemakers (airhorns, whistles, etc.),
  • large and/or demonstration signs 
  • outside food and beverage except bottled water (if food is required due to a medical condition, please see Security or a staff member for accommodations).

Can I take pictures or videos during the performance?

No, the use of all cameras and recording devices is prohibited.


Are animals allowed?

Only pets serving as a guide, signal or service pets to aid guests with disabilities are allowed in the hall.


Are there concessions available?

Concessions are not currently available for the 2023-2024 season.


Can I bring food or drinks inside the hall?

No. There is no food or drinks allowed at any time in Jordan Hall. 


I've lost an item, where can I find it?

Objects found may be given to an usher or brought to coat check.  To inquire about missing items after the performance, please call Jordan Hall Security at (617) 585-1290.



Are there accessible seats available?

For general admission performances, please contact a member of the usher staff upon arrival and they will be able to show you to our accessible platform seats.

For performances with assigned seating, patrons requiring assistance should contact the presenting organization directly.


Is there an elevator located in Jordan Hall?

Yes, we have an elevator available at ground level that stops at the orchestra and balcony levels. For more accessibility information, please visit our Accessibility page here.


What are Jordan Hall's specifications?

The capacity, dimensions, and lighting specifications of Jordan Hall are as follows:


  • Permanent seats: 989
  • Platform loges: 8 wheelchair positions; 24 companion spaces
  • Regular capacity: 1,029
  • Temporary Row AA: 22
  • Total capacity: 1,051


40' wide (46' near proscenium) by 29' deep. A stage extension can be installed to increase the depth to 36' or 38'. The stage is raked at a ratio of 1" per 8.


Clear Com communication for stage manager, front of house, spots, backstage light booth, and backstage left and right positions.

The IDEA console controls all stage and house lighting for Jordan Hall. There are 48, 20 amp dimmers dedicated to the stage performance lighting system. The number of available fixtures/dimmers varies throughout the concert season.

Any other questions? Please email the Box Office.