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What is Engagement?

Do you remember that moment in a concert when you were so present that each synapse of your brain coalesced effortlessly with the music?

You were connected. You were engaged.

Here at NEC we never want the music to stop. Nor do we want you to stop engaging. We look forward to joining you along your musical journey, wherever it may lead you.

Volunteer for NEC Engagement

Are you a passionate music lover who wants to volunteer and become connected to the NEC Community? Are you an alum who wants to host an event in your city as NEC goes on the road? Learn more below about the volunteer opportunities we are launching for the 2017-2018 season!

Event Bandleader

Event Bandleaders are willing to recruit, plan, and act as the host or presenter at NEC events in their region. We are excited to plan a new and innovative spectrum of events for our diverse community of alumni with our bandleaders which could include workshops, reading series, dinner parties, networking events, and more.

For a full description, click here.

Social Media Ambassador

Social Media Ambassadors want to stay in touch with New England Conservatory and are willing to help spread the news of positive stories, exciting events, exclusive opportunities and more. Ambassadors support our global community by promoting awareness and growth through facilitated conversation related to NEC.

For a full description, click here.