Tuesday Night New Music: Bui & Quillin

The newest works from the next generation of composers.

Tuesday Night New Music is a student-run, faculty-supervised concert series directed by Robert Bui ’21 under the supervision of composition chair Michael Gandolfi.

Watch Live Stream from Burnes Hall:

  1. Robert Bui | Tiers of Consciousness for Percussion and Piano (2019)

    This piece was commissioned by percussionist, Parker Olson. It is built out of inhale, hold, and exhale gestures, describing our state of wakefulness just before we are about to slip into the first stage of sleep. – Robert Bui

    • Parker Olson, percussion
    • Teng Cao, piano
  2. Lila Wildy Quillin | Five Miniatures on a Parti (2021)

    Uffizi Palace (Axis)
    Tempietto (Self-Contained Form)
    Ken (Grid Form)
    Pueblo (Clustered Form)
    Taj Mahal (Vertical Linear Elements)

    Five Miniatures on a Parti explores five buildings that exemplify a specific core architectural concept, or “Parti” (an architectural term that refers to the organizing idea behind a design). Because Parti address the organization of space and the application of a core concept to various aspects of a building, they can be translated into musical terms in exciting ways while maintaining the strength of their philosophy. I chose each of these buildings and their accompanying parti because they play well to the strengths of the piano and represent a diverse ensemble of guiding architectural (and also musical) principles, including the role of ornament, symmetry, density, and space.                                                                    
    – Lila Wildy Quillin

    • Eric Guan, piano