Recital: Joey Rosin '21 MM, Jazz Saxophone

NEC: Pierce Hall | Directions

241 St. Botolph St.
Boston, MA
United States

NEC's students meet one-on-one each week with a faculty artist to perfect their craft. As each one leaves NEC to make their mark in the performance world, they present a full, professional recital that is free and open to the public. It's your first look at the artists of tomorrow.

Joey Rosin '21 MM studies Jazz Saxophone with Frank Carlberg and Miguel Zenón.

All compositions are by Joey Rosin.

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  • Joey Rosin '21 MM, saxophone
  • Pritesh Walia, guitar
  • Moshe Elmakias, piano
  • Chris Worden, double bass
  • James Nadien, drums
  • Brittany Bryant, speaker
  • Stephanie Borgani, voice
  • Frank Carlberg, studio instructor
  • Jerry Bergonzi, studio instructor
  • Miguel Zenón, studio instructor
  • Jason Moran, studio instructor
  • Donny McCaslin, studio instructor
  1. Picture One | In Search of the Ox


    Picture One: In Search of the Ox

    Beating about the endless wildgrass, you seek and search,
    The rivers broaden, the mountains stretch on and the trails go ever deeper.
    Your strength exhausted and spirit wearied, no place allows you refuge.
    The only sound—evening cicadas shrill in the maples.

    The deep hills,
    No sight of the ox.
    Just the empty
    Shrilling of the cicadas.

    --Yamada Mumon, Oxherding Pictures

    Translated by Victor Sōgen Hori

  2. Picture Two: Finding Tracks


    Picture Two: Finding Tracks

    By the water and under the trees, tracks thick and fast.
    In the sweet grasses thick with growth, did you see it or did you not?
    But even in the depths of the deepest mountains,
    How could it hide from others, its snout turned to the sky?

    Determination deep
    In the mountains
    Your efforts bear fruit.
    How gratifying to see a sign.

    --Yamada Mumon, Oxherding Pictures

    Translated by Victor Sōgen Hori

  3. Picture Three: Seeing the Ox


    Picture Three: Seeing the Ox

    In the trees nightingales sing and sing again,
    Sun warms the soft wind, green willows line the bank,
    Here, there’s nowhere left for it to hide,
    Its majestic head and horns no artist could draw.

    In spring sun in the green willow strands.
    See its timeless form.

    --Yamada Mumon, Oxherding Pictures
    Translated by Victor Sōgen Hori

  4. Who do you love?



    You are invited to visit my website for an intermission playlist

  6. Letter from My Neighbors


    Letter From My Neighbors

    Hey #1
    Hey it’s #2 across the hall.
    This was on the outside door and honestly it’s rude.
    You never play at weird times and we enjoy the art.
    Pulled it down but wanted to share.
    Clearly this person doesn’t want to be productive or they would have left a unit number.

    Please invest in a mute for your sax
    You live in a very small, thin walled apartment building
    I’m very tired of hearing you play the same note twenty times

    You have to figure something out or I’m contacting Samia
    Have a lovely day.

  7. Reflecting on the Lost Year

  8. Picture Six: Going Home


    Picture Six: Going Home

    Riding high on your ox, leisurely you head for home.

    Trilling on a nomad’s flute, you leave in the evening mist.
    In each beat and verse, your boundless feeling,
    To a close companion, what need to move your lips?

    Lowing at mind

    limpid and soaring
    White clouds are coming back to the peaks.

    --Yamada Mumon, Oxherding Pictures
    Translated by Victor Sōgen Hori

  9. Picture Eight: Lost in the Sky (Forget Both Ox and Self)


    Picture Eight: Lost in the Sky (Forget Both Ox and Self)

    Whip and line and you and the ox, all gone to emptiness,
    Into a blue sky for words too vast.
    Can a snowflake survive the fire of a flamepit?
    Attain this, truly be one with the masters of the past.

    No clouds, or moon, or cassia tree,
    Swept clean,
    Lost in the sky.

    --Yamada Mumon, Oxherding Pictures
    Translated by Victor Sōgen Hori

  10. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to my many teachers, friends, family,
    and all who have guided me in search of the ox.