Postponed: CI Salon Night: CI Chamber Ensemble, Songwriters’ Workshop, & Reichman

NEC: Pierce Hall | Directions

241 St. Botolph St.
Boston, MA
United States

Due to weather, this concert will be postponed, with the possibility of being rescheduled for another date.

We will share more information as available at

Students from NEC’s ground-breaking department of Contemporary Improvisation perform in the CI Chamber Music Ensemble, led by Eden MacAdam-Somer, the Songwriters Workshop Ensemble, led by Steve Netsky, and the Ted Reichman Ensemble, led by Ted Reichman.

CI Chamber Ensemble

The CI Chamber Ensemble is interdepartmental, and explores the boundaries between composition, improvisation, and international music traditions through written and aural paths.

Songwriters Workshop

Songwriters Workshop offers a framework for songwriters to work both on their own compositions and recompositions of existing songs drawing on all kinds of genres.

Ted Reichman Ensemble: Contemporary Practice in Improvisation-Oriented Composition

Ted Reichman works with his ensemble primarily from the jazz tradition, focusing on composers who have proposed new models for integrating improvisation and composition, and who embrace new ideas about structure, groove, and texture.


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