NEC Symphony + David Loebel: Lee, Abe, & Mendelssohn

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

The Protestant Reformation, a religious revolution initiated by sixteenth century German priest Martin Luther, inspired two of the works on this evening’s program performed by the NEC Symphony under David Loebel.

Mendelssohn completed his Reformation Symphony in 1830 to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the Augsburg Confession, a statement that codified Lutheranism’s departure from Catholic doctrine.

James Lee III’s Ichabod! The Protest is Over, from 2017, observes the 500th anniversary of the Reformation’s beginnings. The Hebrew word ichabod means “inglorious” or “there is no glory.” The words “The Protest is Over” are taken from a speech by theologian Bishop Tony Palmer (1966-2014). An Anglican friend of Pope Francis’, Palmer used the phrase to emphasize the beliefs held in common by both Catholics and Protestants, in contrast to centuries of philosophical divisiveness brought about by the Reformation.

Tonight's program also features the winner of the NEC Wind, Brass, Percussion, Harp Concerto Competition, percussionist Hayoung Halle Song '22 MM.

This performance can be viewed in-person or via livestream.

Watch livestream from Jordan Hall:

  • NEC Symphony
  1. James Lee III | Ichabod! The Protest is Over! (2017)


    Program note

    James Lee III has written the following:

    “Juxtaposed with this (500th anniversary of the Reformation) is the added concern that some have expressed in regards to a union of church and state...Without taking political sides, my orchestral piece is a musical commentary on these various concerns...”.

    “Ichabod! The Protest is Over! ... begins with a quote of a phrase of the patriotic song “My Country ‘Tis of Thee,” which is presented and transformed throughout various parts of the work... in a bold and aggressive nature that seeks to illustrate the perceived fear of many that the United States as a nation, is moving more towards fascism. The next section that arrives in the music is much softer and calm, yet foreboding. It is in this section that the flutes introduce a quote of a phrase of Martin Luther’s perhaps most famous hymn, A Mighty Fortress is Our God, which is manifested in various ways throughout this composition. At times phrases of these well-known tunes provide a counterpoint to each other... “

    “As the music develops, there are passages that illustrate a suppression of the hymn A Mighty Fortress is Our God at various times, which finally dies away humbly as My Country ‘Tis of Thee is presented in perhaps its most bold character of the work. This is a musical commentary that reflects history in which when there is ever a religious test brought about against a minority religious group, typically persecution of that group follows. Only time will tell...”

  2. Keiko Abe | Prism Rhapsody for Marimba and Orchestra (2001)


    Hayoung Halle Song

    Hayoung Halle Song was born in South Korea in 1996. She attended Seoul Arts High School and went on to Korean National University of Arts, where she studied under Kwangseo Park, Eunhye Kim, and June Moon Kyung Hahn. She graduated with the Percussion Performance bachelor’s degree in 2019. 
            Song’s first recital was at Kumho Young Artist Series in 2015, and she reached the final round in the Marimba Competition of the Italy Percussive Arts Society in 2016. In 2018, she performed as soloist in the Marimba Spiritual with the KNUA Percussion Ensemble. As a percussionist, she was a member of the Gyeonggi Philharmonic Orchestra. 

            Song entered the master’s program at NEC in 2021 and studies timpani and percussion with Daniel Bauch, Assistant Principal Timpanist and Section Percussionist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. 

    • Hayoung Halle Song '22 MM, marimba
  3. Felix Mendelssohn | Symphony No. 5 in D Major, op. 107 ("Reformation")

    Andante - Allegro con fuoco
    Allegro vivace
    Andante -
    Chorale: Andante con moto - Allegro vivace



    First Violin
    Eunha Kim
    Kristy Chen
    Tsubasa Muramatsu
    Gabriella Foster
    Masha Lakisova
    Kitty Amaral
    Arun Asthagiri
    Caroline Smoak

    Olga Kaminsky
    Clayton Hancock

    Claire Byeol Kim

    Second Violin
    Darwin Chang
    Theresa Katz
    Shiyu Wang
    Célina Bethoux
    Sydney Scarlett
    Michael Fisher
    Hila Dahari
    Emma Boyd
    Sarah Campbell
    Helena Hwang

    ChengRong Li
    Nathan Emans
    Jowen Hsu
    Njord Fossnes
    Philip Rawlinson

    Ru-Yao Van der Ploeg
    Asher Boorstin
    Jiaxinyue Liu
    Katherine Purcell
    Nicolette Sullivan-Cozza

    Lillian Yim
    Asher Kalfus
    Max Zhenren Zhao
    Miruna Eynon
    Seoyeon Koo
    Davis You
    Lily Stern
    Heechan Ku
    Sarah Tindall
    Sophia Knappe

    Isabel Atkinson
    Luke Tsuchiya
    Cailin Singleton
    Colby Heimburger

    Isabelle Evernham
    Honor Hickman
    Subee Kim
    Yechan Min‡
    Subin Oh*
    Anna Ridenour^

    Dianne Seo

    Yuhsi Chang‡
    Corinne Foley^
    Coleton Morgan*
    Helen Skilbred

    Sarah Cho
    Xianyi Ji*
    Tao Ke‡
    Cole Turkel^

    Adam Chen
    Garrett Comrie
    Seth Goldman‡
    Kangwei Lu
    Andrew Salaru^
    Wang Jialu*

    Garrett Comrie

    Jack Earnhart

    French horn
    Mattias Bengtsson*
    Graham Lovely‡
    Mauricio Martinez
    Tess Reagan^
    Xiaoran Xu

    Matthew Mihalko*
    Justin Park
    Alexandra Richmond^
    Caitlin Tay‡
    Cody York

    Noah Korenfeld
    Noah Nichilo‡
    Alex Russell*
    Kevin Smith^

    Bass Trombone
    Roger Dahlin*^
    Jason Sato‡

    Hayden Silvester

    Isabella Butler^
    Mark Larrivee*
    Rohan Zakharia‡

    Nga ieng Lai*
    Mark Larrivee
    Eli Reisz‡
    Rohan Zakharia

    Shaylen Joos

    Principal players