NEC Preparatory School: Youth Chorale Concert

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

Please join us for the NEC Preparatory School Youth Chorale's final concert of the 2022-2023 year!  Erica J. Washburn and Calvin Wamser '24 MM conduct.

  • NEC Youth Chorale
  • Da-Yu Liu '24 DMA, piano
  1. Sid Robinovitch | Sensemayá from Canciones por las Americas

  2. Giovanni Gastoldi | Amor vittorioso

    • Calvin Wamser '23 MM, conductor
  3. Robert A. Harris | The Silver Swan (1999)

    • Calvin Wamser '23 MM, conductor
  4. Yu-Wei Hsie | Fa Shu Ha (Under That Flower Tree)

    arr. Yu-Shan Tsai

    Program note

    The island of Taiwan was originally inhabited by more than a dozen tribes of aboriginal people, many with their own customs and languages.  In the 17th century, Chinese migrant workers – including two different ethnic groups, the Hoklo and the Hakka – began to settle on the island.  Today, the Hoklo account for nearly 70% of the population while only 15% of the residents are Hakka. Mandarin is now the dominant language, and the indigenous non-Mandarin dialects are in danger of disappearing.
           Fa Shu Ha is the old name for a Hakka village remembered by the lyricist, Gu Siou-Ru, as a place bustling with people like the flowers on the Tung flower tree and proud of its traditional blue-dyed garment shops.  Sadly, both the flowering trees
    and the traditional customs are now gone.  Fa Shu Ha is set in the Hakka dialect.

    • Ashley Chen and Maximilian Wood, solo
  5. Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol | Şu Yalan Dünya

    dedicated to the loving memory of my father, Dr. Hüseyin Parkan Sanlıkol

    Program note

    This composition was commissioned by an amateur choir in Bursa, Turkey which was founded by my late father to feature professionals such as doctors and lawyers. As a result, I decided to rely on the piano harmonically while writing simpler melodies and countermelodies for the voices. The text was selected by my father who had also specified a desire toward a Turkish folk music inspired composition. Since I did not want to arrange an already existing Turkish folk song I first began by composing the Turkish folk song-like tune which is sung by a soloist according to the specifics of Turkish makam (mode) tradition at the end of the composition.
             After creating this tune I then created the larger structure of the composition with the goal of setting this tune up. The polyphonic as well as the harmonic structures throughout the piece have been carefully constructed with the unique qualities of the chosen makam in mind.        – Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol

    • Ilan Mivtach Yermish Balzac, solo
  6. Fanny Hensel | Lockung, from Gärtenlieder, op. 3 no. 1 (1846)

  7. Jocelyn Hagen | On my dreams (2007)