NEC Brass Bash 2023 + Marshall Gilkes

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

The Brass Bash celebrates the students in NEC’s brass department, and features performances for mixed brass ensemble as well as from our horn, trumpet, trombone and tuba classes. In addition, the event concludes with a mass brass choir, featuring all of our students in the performance of Wagner's Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral from Lohengrin. This year’s iteration is proud to feature Grammy nominated trombonist/composer, and NEC Jazz Department faculty member, Marshall Gilkes!

Marshall Gilkes integrates myriad influences into a singular and distinctive voice, combining the spontaneous invention of jazz with the elegant architecture of classical composition and virtuosic technique with passionate emotion. His sound can be heard in the lush impressionism of the Maria Schneider Orchestra; the unique Slide Monsters Trombone Quartet; and on Monday nights at the world famous Village Vanguard as lead trombonist with the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. He has conducted his music with the WDR Big Band, UMO Jazz Orchestra, Airmen of Note, and Army Blues. He’s also performed with Makoto Ozone, Billy Cobham, Richard Bona, and Edmar Castañeda. A finalist in the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition in 2003, Gilkes has released six albums as a leader. The latest, Waiting to Continue, showcases Gilkes playing and writing in a trio setting.

This is an in-person event with a private stream available to the NEC community here:

  1. James Kazik | Hex Files

    trombone: Noah Korenfeld, Puyuan Chen, Quinn McGillis, Lukas Helsel,
         Alex Knutrud, Noah Nichilo
    bass trombone: Luke Sieve, Chance Gompert
    Stephen Lange, conductor

  2. Kerry Turner | Farewell to the Red Castle

    NEC Horn Class

    Tasha Schapiro, Logan Fischer, Tess Reagan, Xiaoran Xu
    Hannah Messenger, Connor Strauss, Matthias Bengtsson,
    Xiang Li, Willow Otten, Jenna Stokes, Graham Lovely,
    Huimin Mandy Liu, Karlee Kamminga, Sophie Steger,
    Paolo Rosselli, Sam Hay

  3. William H. Harris (arr. Stephen Lange) | Bring Us, O Lord God

    Bring us, o Lord God, at our last awakening
     into the house and gate of Heaven,
    to enter into that gate and dwell in that house,
    where there shall be no darkness nor dazzling, but one equal light;
    no noise nor silence, but one equal music;
    no fears or hopes, but one equal possession;
    no ends or beginnings, but one equal eternity,
    in the habitations of thy glory and dominion,
    world without end
    John Donne

    NEC Trombone Class

    Choir I
    Soprano: Jaehan Kim
    Alto: Lukas Helsel, Eli Canales
    Tenor: Noah Korenfeld, Kevin Smith
    Bass:  Roger Dahlin, Chance Gompert

    Choir II
    Soprano: Alex Knutrud, Zachary Johnson
    Alto: Quinn McGillis, Puyuan Chen
    Tenor: Noah Nichilo, Rebecca Bertekap
    Bass: Ki Yoon Park, Jason Sato, Luke Sieve

  4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (arr. Regis Bookshar) | “Recordare” from Requiem

    NEC Trumpet Class

    Sarah Heimberg, Cody York, Reynolds Martin
    Nelson Martinez, Dimitri Raimonde

  5. Vaclav Nelhybel | Ludus

    NEC Tuba Class

    Masaru Lin, Jimmy Curto, Hayden Silvester

  6. Marshall Gilkes | Transonance

  7. Marshall Gilkes | Morning Smiles

    trombone: Zachary Johnson, Alex Knutrud, Quinn McGillis
    Kevin Smith, Rebecca Bertekap, Noah Nichilo
    bass trombone: Jason Sato, KiYoon Park
    James Markey, conductor


  9. Marshall Gilkes | Sin Filtro

    Max Ignas, piccolo trumpet, trumpet
    David O’Neill, trumpet
    Eddy Lanois, flugelhorn
    Xiang Li, horn
    Zachary Johnson, trombone
    Jack Earnhart, euphonium
    Luke Sieve, bass trombone
    Jimmy Curto, tuba
    James Markey, conductor


  10. Marshall Gilkes | Cyclic Journey

    Max Ignas, piccolo trumpet, trumpet
    Dimitri Raimonde, trumpet
    Reynolds Martin, flugelhorn
    Hannah Messenger, horn
    Quinn McGillis, trombone
    Jack Earnhart, euphonium
    Ki Yoon Park, bass trombone
    Jordan Jenifor, tuba

    Kai Burns, guitar
    Leo Weisskoff, bass
    Dominic Vance, drums

    James Markey, conductor

  11. Richard Wagner (arr. J. Friedman) | “Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral” from Lohengrin


    Horn 1:  Tasha Schapiro, Paolo Rosselli, Jenna Stokes, Huimin Mandy Liu
    Horn 2:  Hannah Messenger, Tess Reagan, Graham Lovely, Xiaoran Xu

    Horn 3:  Sophie Steger, Xiang Li, Logan Fischer, Willow Otten, Yeonjo Oh
    Horn 4:  Karlee Kamminga, Matthias Bengtsson, Sam Hay

    Trumpet 1:  David O'Neill, Matthew Mihalko, Daniel Barak, Reynolds Martin
    Trumpet 2:  Mikey Harms, Dimitri Raimonde, Jake Baldwin, Max Ignas
    Trumpet 3:  Nelson Martinez, Alexandra Richmond, Cody York, Sarah Heimberg
    Flugelhorn:  Eddy Lanois

    Trombone 1: Zachary Johnson, Puyuan Chen, Alex Knutrud, Jaehan Kim, Rebecca Bertekap, Noah Nichilo
    Trombone 2:  Lukas Helsel, Eli Canales, Kevin Smith, Quinn McGillis, Noah Korenfeld
    Trombone 3: Roger Dahlin, Chance Gompert, Ki Yoon Park, Jason Sato, Luke Sieve

    Euphonium: Jack Earnhart
    Tuba:  Jimmy Curto, Jordan Jenifor, Masaru Lin, Hayden Silvester, David Stein

    TimpaniStephanie Krichena