Composer Series

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

Please join us for an evening of music combining acoustic instruments and voices with amplified objects, electronic sounds, and video. The program features artists who have been connected with NEC in a variety of ways and includes recent work by Andrea Pensado, Judy Dunaway, Tamar Diesendruck, Amber Vistein, Amanda Justice, and Stratis Minakakis. We are also excited to offer a rare performance of Ronald Roxbury’s Four Driscoll Songs (1974) interpreted by CI faculty member Lautaro Mantilla.

  1. Judy Dunaway: Untitled (2019)

    • Judy Dunaway, Amplified Tenor Balloon
  2. Amber Vistein, composer; Amanda Justice, video: The Wax of the Wane (2014)

    • Rose Hegele, Soprano
    • Tyler Bouque, Actor
  3. Tamar Diesendruck: SHRDLU dialog (2013)

    Video from MIT's Terry Winograd archive

    • Aleksis Martin, Clarinet
    • Grant Houston, Violin
    • Yi-Mei Templeman, Cello
    • Daniel McGee, Percussion
  4. Andrea Pensado: Untitled (2019)

    • Andrea Pensado, Voice and Electronics
  5. Ronald Roxbury: Four Driscoll Songs (1974)

  6. Efstratios Minakakis: Skiagrafies II (2016)