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Is Beethoven’s music great? How do we know? Piano department chair Bruce Brubaker encourages curious concertgoers to celebrate and reconsider Beethoven’s music and legacy.

75 NEC pianists present every work for piano that Beethoven ever wrote over the course of 13 recitals in spring and fall 2020. Hear well-known favorites like the “Moonlight” Sonata and “Für Elise” alongside rarely-performed works and decide for yourself: what does Beethoven mean today?

A virtuoso pianist himself, Beethoven composed dozens of works for the fortepiano, often making use of the new musical resources of the instrument as it developed rapidly throughout the composer’s lifetime. Approximately 1/3 of each concert program will feature rarely performed sets of variations that may offer insight into Beethoven’s own performances as an improviser.

Spring 2020: 

Mon, Feb 10 | Jordan Hall
Thu, Feb 20| Jordan Hall
Tue, Feb 25 | Williams Hall
Wed, Mar 4 | Williams Hall
Tue, Mar 3| Williams Hall
Tue, Mar 10| Williams Hall

Fall 2020:

Seven concerts, to be announced. This series ends with a monumental 10-hour tour de force of all of Beethoven’s piano sonatas performed in one day.

  1. February 10

    WoO 63: Nine variations for piano on a march by Ernst Christoph Dressler (1782), You Bin Lee
    Opus 2, No. 1: Piano Sonata No. 1 in F Minor, Hongbo Cai
    Opus 2, No. 2: Piano Sonata No. 2 in A Major, Nan Ni
    Opus 2, No. 3: Piano Sonata No. 3 in C Major, Ji Youn Lee
    Sonata in F Minor, WoO 47, No. 2, Alice Chenyang Xu
    Opus 7: Piano Sonata No. 4 in E-flat Major ("Grand Sonata") (1797), Andrew Li

  2. February 20

    Opus 89: Polonaise (1814), Ranfei Wang
    WoO 73: Ten variations for piano on "La stessa, la stessissima" from Antonio Salieri's opera Falstaff, Hongzhen Wang
    Opus 31, No. 1: Piano Sonata No. 16 in G Major, Yucong Huang
    Opus 31, No. 2: Piano Sonata No. 17 in D Minor ("Tempest"), Jiawen Eric Guan
    Opus 31, No. 3: Piano Sonata No. 18 in E-flat Major, Lucas Thomazinho
    WoO 69: Nine variations for piano on "Quant'e piu bello" from Giovanni Paisiello's opera La Molinara, Adalia Wen
    Opus 110: Piano Sonata No. 31 in A-flat Major (1821), Yutong Sun

    In Honor of Marion Rubin Berman ‘31

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