Singing, Music & Wellness: The New Science

NEC School of Continuing Education's Voice Department presents Singing, Music & Wellness: The New Science.

Musical experiences are a cherished part of our lives, and have been a part of the human experience since prehistoric times. But the link to human evolution is stronger than that — research findings from the past two decades have now revealed that the link is not just analogous but intrinsic, and the role of music is even more integral to our development than we imagined.

Join Samata Sharma, Director of Performing Arts in Psychiatry at Brigham & Women's Hospital, as she examines the merits of music through a bioanthropologic lens — demonstrating the role it plays in individual, interpersonal, and social growth, wellness, and healing, and exploring how to apply the revelations from research to everyday practice. By the end of this discussion, we will have created together new ways of harnessing the power of sound, rhythm, and melody into tools that may help build and sustain wellness and healing in both individuals as well as communities.

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  • Samata Sharma, Vocalist, Clinician