Residency Concert: The Music of Fay Victor

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

New England Conservatory’s Contemporary Musical Arts program welcomes acclaimed composer Fay Victor for a residency capped by a concert. The Music of Fay Victor on Tuesday, April 11 features CMA students and faculty in collaboration with Victor, performing her works as well as original student compositions.

Fay Victor is an improvising vocalist, composer, lyricist and educator riding all the chasms and seams of musics that are improvisational and conversational in nature. A Brooklyn-based sound artist/composer, she hones a unique vision for the vocalist’s role in jazz and improvised music. Victor utilizes a distinctive vocalizing, language and performing approach with the foundation of the jazz vocal idiom, now encompassing an “everything is everything” aesthetic, bringing in references that span the globe. Victor
sees the vocal instrument in itself as full of possibilities for sound exploration, the voice a direct and powerful conduit for language and messages in an improvising context. All of these ideas aim to push the vocal envelope to forge greater expressive possibilities. In Victor’s 10 critically acclaimed albums as a leader one can hear the through line of expansive expression leading up to her most recent release, BARN SONGS (Northern Spy Records) with her Chamber Trio featuring Darius Jones (alto saxophone); Marika
Hughes (cello).

  1. Fay Victor | Road Trip to Somewhere

    Survivors Breakfast

    Ariel Vera, voice
    Seth Goldman, bassoon
    Christopher Ferrari, soprano saxophone
    Mattias Kaufmann, accordion
    Álvaro Emiliano López, electric guitar
    Grant Beale, 8-string electric guitar                                     
    Alexander Matheson, piano
    Alex Yoo, drums
    Anthony Coleman, director


  2. Fay Victor | Breathe Them In

    composed for Eden MacAdam-Somer

    Eden MacAdam-Somer, voice, violin

    Program note

    Breathe Them In is a piece about climate change, specifically how we will lose trees around the planet, how we need to value the now when we can still see and breathe intrees. The text is used in a number of ways throughout the piece which is clear in score (broken down below as well). Please experiment with the parameters in play aswell as suggest ideas/approaches that will work. The text never has to be completelyused in any of the open/improvised sections unless the player desires to do so.                                         
    – Fay Victor

  3. Improvisation | Across the Chasm

    Emily Mitchell, voice
    Moyu Zhang, piano

    Program note

    The beginning represents unsurpassable distance and the turmoil of loneliness.  The chaos of life then begins to fade as a small whisper is heard, clearer and clearer.  The way becomes known and the divide is broken, a bridge forms over the chasm.  The other side is peaceful and every need is supplied; there is perfect contentment and abundant joy.  The response is a constant striving to know in deeper and deeper ways the One who has rescued the heart that was once longing for and now overflowing with life.               
    – Emily Michell, Moyu Zhang

  4. Fay Victor | Call for Community & Time Waits.Not

    Joe Morris Ensemble

    Caleb Schmale, Sam Childs, soprano saxophone
    Yoona Kim, ajaeng
    Grant Beale, Olivia Becker, guitar
    Adrian Chabla, piano
    Solomon Caldwell, bass
    Noah Mark, drums
    Joe Morris, director


  6. Improvisation | En Español

    Delfina Cheb Terrab, voice
    Álvaro Emiliano López, percussion, guitar

    Program note

    When I first moved to Boston eight years ago, my dad gifted me a cutout from an issue of Playboy magazine with the story “The Other” by Jorge Luis Borges on it. In a bench by the Charles River, a blind Borges serendipitously meets his “other” self. The “other” is younger, he speaks French, he is proud to live in exile, he speaks vigorously about politics, about God, about the Russians, even about himself. As they talk literature, philosophy, and geography, he realizes meeting “the other” is nothing but a metaphor for the uprooting of his own self. What does he sound like in French? How did he sound when he liked being himself in French? Why has that changed? Which one is the true Borges?                                                
    Álvaro Emiliano López

    Emiliano and I became friends in Spanish. We started playing together and sharing meals and dancing and complaining and crying and laughing—all of it because of one thing: we felt the need to perform our Spanish-speaking selves as much as possible. We also observed each other perform our English, sometimes with enthusiasm, sometimes with bitterness, sometimes with hope, sometimes with discomfort. We saw each other perform our English at cafes, at parties, at poetry readings, at rehearsals, at airports, with teachers, with cops, with friends, with Americans, with foreigners, with ourselves, with each other. As I walk by the Charles River I think about el Rio de la Plata, about el Rio Magdalena and el Canal de Xochimilko and about all of the streams of water that have merged to create this sunny Tuesday at theConservatory’s cafeteria: “Delfi, encontre a alguien mas que habla español!” Emi tells me as he smiles.                                   
    Delfina Cheb Terrab

    • Delfina Cheb Terrab, voice
    • Álvaro Emiliano López, percussion, guitar
  7. Fay Victor / SoundNoiseFunk | We’ve Had Enough

    ContemporaryRock Ensemble

    Kayden Carter, voice
    Yoona Kim, voice, ajaeng
    Weza Jamison-Neto, bass trombone
    Moyu Zhang, piano
    Álvaro Emiliano López, guitar
    Karl Henry, bass
    Noah Mark, drums
    Lautaro Mantilla, director

    Program note

    This piece is a re-composition made by the Contemporary RockEnsemble based on material from the second album of Fay Victor’sSoundNoiseFunk Band. The sound exploration, form, and groove inthis piece is inspired by Victor’s methodologies of improvisation, her creative vocal experimentation and herartistic sensibility.

  8. Fay Victor | Factions

    CMA Chamber Ensemble

    Litha Ashforth, Delfina Cheb Terrab, voice   
    Itay Dayan, clarinet
    Eden MacAdam-Somer, violin         
    Yoona Kim, ajaeng
    Roman Barten-Sherman, guitar
    Jamie Eliot, electric bass
    Solomon Caldwell, bass
    Eden MacAdam-Somer, director

  9. Herbie Nichols | Shuffle Montgomery

    Fay Victor, voice
    Anthony Coleman, piano
    Solomon Caldwell, bass
    Alex Yoo, drums

  10. Billie Holiday / Herbie Nichols | Lady Sings the Blues

    Fay Victor, voice
    Anthony Coleman, piano

  11. Fay Victor | Disintegration Scenario

    Nikita Manin, Itay Dayan, clarinet
    Michele Zimmerman, Carson McHaney, violin
    Karl Henry, Hayley Yu Qin, cello
    Mattias Kaufmann, accordion

    Álvaro Emiliano López, Roman Barten-Sherman, guitar        
    Agne Giedraityte, piano, voice
    Solomon Caldwell, bass
    Alex Yoo, drums

Fay Victor
NEC: Eben Jordan Ensemble Room
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