Recital: Sepehr Davalloukhoungar '24 GD, Collaborative Piano

NEC: Williams Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

NEC's students meet one-on-one each week with a faculty artist to perfect their craft. As each one leaves NEC to make their mark in the performance world, they present a full, professional recital that is free and open to the public. It's your first look at the artists of tomorrow.

Sepehr Davalloukhoungar '24 GD studies Collaborative Piano with Cameron Stowe.

This is an in-person event with a private stream available to the NEC community here:


  • Sepehr Davalloukhoungar '24 GD, piano
  • Josie Larsen, soprano
  • Larisa Bainton, soprano
  • Mara Riley, soprano
  • Shiyu Zhuo, soprano
  • Cameron Stowe, studio teacher
  1. Richard Strauss | 8 Gedichte aus "Letzte Blätter", op. 10

         Josie Larsen, soprano

    Die Nacht
       Shiyu Zhuo, soprano

    Die Georgine
    Die Verschwiegenen
    Die Zeitlose
         Larisa Bainton, soprano

  2. Samuel Barber | Hermit Songs, op. 29

    At St. Patrick's Purgatory
    Church Bell at Night
    St. Ita's Vision
    The Heavenly Banquet
    The Crucifixion
    Sea Snatch
    The Monk and his Cat
    The Praises of God
    The Desire for Hermitage

    • Mara Riley, soprano
  3. Mojgan Misaghi

    Being for piano solo

    Pleasant for piano solo

    Ocean of Earth
         Shiyu Zhuo, soprano

  4. Arefeh Hekmatpanah | Siyahi

    Program note

    A mother feels the need to sing for her baby, hidden in the darkness of the night. She has the urge to sing, to calm herself down; and so she makes her baby cry…

    Siyahi (سیآهی-Darkness), is a piece based on a Persian folklore lullaby, a poem by Forough Farrokhzad and a small text by the composer. This piece portrays the complexity of the role of a lullaby; how sometimes theyre not subjected to an external listener, but more to the singer themselves, allowing them to soothe, express and make friends with their inner darkness while singing to the dark of the night.
    – Arefeh Hekmatpanah

    • Shiyu Zhuo, soprano
  5. Special thanks to Cameron Stowe, Joel Ayau, Tanya Blaich, JJ Penna, my wonderful friends and colleagues and all my mentors and teachers at NEC who have changed who I am, how I look at arts and have encouraged me daily to express myself more boldly and look deeply into all that I do.

    I am forever thankful.