NEC Symphonic Winds: The Art of Transcriptions

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

NEC Symphonic Winds, directed by William Drury, performs woodwind, brass, and percussion repertoire from the Renaissance through the present day for octet to full wind ensemble. Important works that are sometimes neglected because of unusual instrumentation form an integral part of four annual Jordan Hall concerts. Symphonic Winds also reads standard orchestral repertoire that serves to improve members’ ensemble skills.

This performance is open to in-person audiences, and can also be viewed below via livestream.


  • NEC Symphonic Winds
  1. Alberto Ginastera (arr. for winds and percussion by Phil Snedecor) | Four Dances from "Estancia" (1943)

    The Land Workers
    Wheat Dance
    The Cattle Men
    Final Dance (Malambo)

  2. John Heiss | Mosaics No. 1 (1986) with Fanfare (1989) for "a vast array of flutists"

    Mosaics #1 (for a vast array of flutists) was written in 1986. The format of the piece is controlled aleatory music, in which the players are given the freedom to play independent lines while following a predetermined roadmap and a conductor. The result is a canonic cluster of sound masses, resulting in a piece Heiss suggests is made up of “well-defined randomness with a kind of intention.” The piece was inspired by listening to the random sounds coming from space through radio-telescopes. When confronted by total randomness in sound, Heiss imagined patterns emerging from the chaos. Likewise, in Mosaics, the listener is surrounded by random-like gestures which may come to suggest structure or organization in one’s mind. At the behest of fellow flutist and friend Fenwick Smith during the Boston Flute Convention in 1989, Heiss wrote an additional section of music that breaks with the aleatoric form. The new ending, known as Fanfare, is exclamatory music where the flutes play in rhythm moving from unison passages to sonorous chords; a pensive, quiet ending approaches as pitches slowly fade one by one.                     

    – Nicolás Ayala Cerón

    • Nicolás Ayala-Cerón '22 DMA, conductor
  3. Thomas Oboe Lee | Requiem Octet....In Memoriam Gunther Schuller (2015)

    Requiem aeternam:Moderato
    Die irae: Allegro
    Tuba mirum: Moderato
    Recordare: Largo
    Confutatis maledictis: Maestoso
    Lacrimosa: Moderato
    Libera me: Allegro
    In paradisum: Adagio


    NEC Symphonic Winds would like to thank Harris "Teddy" Malaskyfor his help in preparing the ensemble for tonight's performance


  4. Johannes Brahms (transcr. Mark Popkin) | Variations on a Theme by Haydn, op. 56a

    Theme (Chorale St. Antoni): Andante
    Variation I: Poco più animato
    Variation II: Più vivace
    Variation III: Con moto
    Variation IV: Andante con moto
    Variation V: Vivace
    Variation VI: Vivace
    Variation VII: Grazioso
    Variation VIII: Presto non troppo
    Finale: Andante



    Flute (Wind Ens, Sym W)
    Anne Chao
    Jeong Won Choe
    Isabel Evernham
    Honor Hickman
    Anna Kevelson
    Subee Kim
    Elizabeth Kleiber
    Yang Liu

    Yechan Min
    Yeyoung Moon
    Subin Oh
    Joon Park
    Anna Ridenour
    Mara Riley
    Erika Rohrberg
    Junhyung Park

    Dianne Seo
    Megan Trach

    Yuhsi Chang
    Corinne Foley
    Coleton Morgan
    Helen Skilbred

    Sarah Cho
    Xianyi Ji
    Xiang Tao Ke
    Kevin Lin
    Cole Turkel

    Zoe Beck
    Adam Chen
    Garrett Comrie
    Andrew Flurer
    Seth Goldman
    Evan Judson
    Kangwei Lu
    Carson Meritt
    Andrew Salaru
    Jialu Wang

    Yingjie Hong
    Jordan Roach
    Ethan Shen
    Daihua Song

    French horn
    Mattias Bengtsson
    Alex Daiker
    Huimin Mandy Liu
    Graham Lovely

    Mauricio Martinez
    Jenna Stokes

    Xiaoran Xu

    Matthew Mihalko
    Justin Park
    Alexandra Richmond
    Caitlin Tay
    Jon-Michael Taylor
    Cody York

    Elias Canales
    Lukas Helsel
    Jaehan Kim
    Noah Korenfield
    Noah Nichilo
    Alexander Russell
    Kevin Smith

    Bass Trombone
    Roger Dahlin
    Ki Yoon Park

    James Curto
    Jordan Jenifor
    Hayden Silvester

    Isabella Butler
    Nga leng Lai
    Mark Larrivee

    Eli Reisz
    Rohan Zakharia

    Wind Ensemble Graduate

    Nicolás Ayala-Cerón
    Minchao Cai
    Iverson Eliopoulos
    Michael Lewis


    • Nicolás Ayala-Cerón '22 DMA, conductor