NEC Perspectives Forum: Envisioning a Culturally Equitable NEC

The Black Student Union's June 2nd open letter was a passionate plea for the NEC community to mourn with them, understand their struggles, and to take immediate action to build an equitable institution and community where they belong. The NEC Perspectives Forum was launched in July 2020, with a five-part series dedicated to hearing about the experiences of Black students, allies, and alumni.

This first series culminates on September 30th at 8pm ET with four distinguished Black alumni who will share their vision of what NEC looks and feels like when it has lived up to its commitment of cultural equity and belonging. Our panelists are:

  • Carmen Johnson-Pájaro ’18 MM Violin Performance
  • deVon Russell Gray ’01 Composition
  • Darynn Dean ’19 Jazz Studies
  • John Alexander Garner ’06 Vocal Performance


The NEC Perspectives Forums provide opportunities for the NEC community to explore how we all can make a better NEC and ensure it lives up to its commitment of Cultural Equity and Belonging. By listening to the experiences and perspectives of our students, alumni, faculty and staff, we will explore ideas that will have a positive impact on our community and build a more hopeful future for our current and prospective students.

Watch past NEC Perspectives Forums