Music Theory presents George Crumb at 90

NEC: Brown Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

NEC's Music Theory department hosts Alinéa's season kick-off, which features a celebration of the music of George Crumb as he enters his 90th year.

The program will also feature a pre-concert lecture on Crumb’s music at 7:00.

About Alinéa:

Alinea Ensemble

Alinéa is a Boston-based ensemble committed and dedicated to music that, like its players, is young, dynamic, and frighteningly powerful.

Their programming looks to a living generation of composers whose unique voices have reshaped the contemporary classical scene, while also encouraging young composers to take risks and explore the innumerable possibilities of sound. Their members come from performance backgrounds steeped in tradition and study, each bringing with them a virtuosic technique paired with a passion for reimagining classical music and years of ensemble experience.  

The ensemble’s commitment to performance is based on a shared sense of fearless responsibility. They program repertoire others wouldn't dare touch and take chances on young composers to breathe life into new masterpieces. Their musical priorities are shaped by the groundbreaking innovations in notation and sound of the last half-century, and their musical vocabulary encompasses everything from extreme sound to extreme silence.  Founded in 2019 while students at New England Conservatory, the 2019/2020 cycle is Alinéa’s inaugural season. 

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  1. The Ghosts of Alhambra (Spanish Songbook I) (2009)


    Las Seis Cuerdas  






    • Tyler Bouque, Baritone
    • Max Fletcher, Guitar
    • Alexander Garde, Percussion
  2. Eleven Echoes of Autumn (Echoes I) (1965)

    Eco 1. Fantastico  

    Eco 2. Languidamente, quasi lontano (hauntingly)  

    Eco 3. Prestissimo  

    Eco 4. Con bravura  

    Eco 5. Dark, intense    “…and the broken arches where time suffers”    Cadenza I    Cadenza II    Cadenza III  

    Eco 6. Dark, intense  

    Eco 7. Dark, intense  

    Eco 8. Feroce, violento  

    Eco 9. Serenamente, quasi lontano (hauntingly)  

    Eco 10. Senza misura (gently undulating)  

    Eco 11. Adagio (like a prayer) 

    • Xiaoyu Lin, Flute
    • Emma Burge, Violin
    • Aleksis Martin, Clarinet
    • Ariel Mo, Piano
  3. Vox Balaenae (Voice of the Whale) (1971)

    Vocalise (…for the beginning of time)  

    Variations on Sea-Time    

       Sea Theme    

       Archeozoic (Variation I)    

       Proterozoic (Variation II)    

       Paleozoic (Variation III)    

       Mesozoic (Variation IV)    

       Cenozoic (Variation V)  

    Sea-Nocturne (…for the end of time) 

    • Xiaoyu Lin, Flute
    • Robbie Bui, Cello
    • Ryan Jung, Piano
  4. Songs, Drones and Refrains of Death (1968)

    Refrain One    

       Death-Drone I    

          La Guitarra    

    Refrain Two    

          Casida de las Palomas Oscuras  

    Refrain Three    

       Death-Drone II    

          Cancion de Jinete, 1860  

    Refrain Four    

          Casida del Herido por el Agua    

       Death-Drone III 

    • Tyler Bouque, Baritone
    • Max Fletcher, Guitar
    • Matthew Henson, Double Bass
    • Yucong Huang, Piano
    • Alexander Garde, Percussion
    • Jeff Sagurton, Percussion