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Music Theory

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WordSong Symposium

WordSong Boston’s premier interactive concert organization (One Text, a Collection of Composers, a Public Conversation), is celebrating its 10th anniversary!  In 2008, we began with multiple settings...

Yasmin Tall

Yasmin Tal

Composer, pianist and music educator Yasmin Tal explores community through music, and collaborates with various performers and ensembles; her works has been played around the world. Among her works...

Eva-Maria Houben headshot

A concert of music by Eva-Maria Houben

A concert of music by Eva-Maria Houben performed by Eva-Maria Houben and NEC students with pre-concert talk by Ms. Houben at 7:30pm.

Pre-concert talk with Eva-Maria Houben

Composer Eva-Maria Houben...

Eva-Maria Houben headshot

Masterclass with Eva-Maria Houben

Internationally acclaimed experimental composer, Eva-Maria Houben, discusses and demonstrates performance practice of her works: the role of silence, treatment of musical time and thresholds of sound...

Li-Mie Liang Headshot

Li-Mei Liang

            Taiwanese violinist Li-Mei Liang is a teacher and frequent performer in the Boston area. Her recent performance has been described as a “powerhouse” by the Boston Intelligencier.    Li-Mei...

Alexandra Greffin-Klein

Masterclass with Alexandra Greffin-Klein

Internationally acclaimed violinist Alex Greffin Klein will present a two-part masterclass on contemporary violin. In the first part, she will discuss performance practices and notations for...

Peter Row holding a sitar

Peter Row Memorial Concert

On September 20, 2018, the NEC community honored Peter Row, a beloved NEC faculty member and former dean and provost who made significant impact during his decades at the Conservatory.  An ethnomusicologist and sitar virtuoso, Peter also taught classes in a number of departments, include Music History, Music Theory, Contemporary Improvisation, and Liberal Arts. He passed away on April 2, 2018.