Liederabend LXX: Songs from Russia and Ukraine

NEC: Williams Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

The Liederabend—literally, "evening of song"—dates back to the 1800s, when musicians and lovers of music would gather at someone's home, and one or more singers and a pianist would perform the songs of composers of the day. In the field of classical music, these songs are referred to as "art songs," and the German art songs are called "Lieder." In Germany, the great age of song came in the 19th century. German and Austrian composers had written music for voice with keyboard before this time, but it was with the flowering of German literature in the Classical and Romantic eras that composers found high inspiration in great poetry, sparking the genre known as the "Lied."

The tradition of the art song composition continues today, with composers from all corners of the world setting poetry in many languages, scored for voice and piano. The NEC Liederabend series presents songs in a variety of languages—not only German—dating from the 19th century up to the present day.

Tonight's performers were coached by Joel AyauSpecial thanks to Yelena Dudochkin, Diana Nalyvaiko, Cameron Stowe, and Jonathan Feldman for additional coaching.

  1. Mykola Lysenko

    A Piper's Tune

    Heavenly Love

    Nothing, Simply Nothing

    Never to have loved

    • Xijin Chen, soprano
    • Rafe Schaberg, piano
  2. Vasyl Barvinsky


    In the Forest

    Oh Hush-a-bye, My Baby

    • Alexandra Wiebe, soprano
    • Sujin Choi, piano
  3. Sergei Rachmaninoff | 14 Songs, op. 34

    I. The Muse (Муза)
         Xijn Chen, soprano

    II. In the Soul of Each of Us (В душе у каждого из нас)
         Nicholas Ottersberg Enriquez, baritone

    III. The Storm (Буря)
         Olga Melendez Valdes, soprano

    IV. The Migrant Wind (Ветер перелётный)
         Olga Melendez Valdes, soprano

    V. Arion (Арион)
         Alexandra Wiebe, soprano

    VI. The Raising of Lazarus (Воскрешение Лазаря)
         Anneke Stern, mezzo-soprano

    VII. It Cannot Be! (Не может быть!)
         Josie Larsen, soprano

    VIII. Music (Музыка)
         Olga Melendez Valdes, soprano

    IX. You Knew Him (Ты знал его)
         Nicholas Ottersberg Enriquez, baritone

    X. I Remember that Day (Сей день я помню)
        Josie Larsen, soprano

    XI. The Faithful Servant (Оброчник)
         Anneke Stern, mezzo-soprano

    XII. What Happiness (Какое счастье)
        Alexandra Wiebe, soprano

    XIII. Dissonance (Диссонанс)
         Josie Larsen, soprano

    XIV. Vocalise (Вокализ)
         Xijin Chen, soprano

    • Jaime Lorusso, piano