Kenneth Radnofsky Faculty Recital

NEC: Jordan Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

Three world premieres, with composers Joan Tower and Francine Trester in attendance.

  1. Joan Tower: Second Flight

    Ken Radnofsky will give the World Premiere of composer Joan Tower’s "Second Flight" for solo saxophone. This piece was commissioned by World-Wide Concurrent Premieres and Commissioning Fund Inc., an organization founded by Radnofsky 25 years ago, with a long history of commissioning new works with consortia. Indeed 50 saxophonists world-wide will share ‘premiere’ performances beginning September 30, for one full year.

    Joan Tower will be in attendance.

  2. Francine Trester: Street Views

    In addition, Radnofsky will give the world premiere of ‘Street Views,’ written by Berklee professor Francine Trester for the Amram Ensemble: violinist Elmira Darvarova and pianist Thomas Weaver, with Radnofsky.

    Francine Trester will be in attendance.

  3. Conrad Kline: Greenwich Village Portraits

    The evening's program includes new video by Conrad Kline, depicting visual ‘Greenwich Village Portraits,’ with Radnofsky performing the live score for saxophone and piano, with pianist Yoshiko Kline.

  4. All works were written for or commissioned by Radnofsky. Composers Tower and Trester will be in attendance. Amram will be in NY, completing a final day of month long concerts as Greenwich Village’s ‘Composer in Residence.’