Free Workshop | Voice and Movement, a Flowing Integration

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In this online workshop participants will have fun exploring singing through guided and improvisatory movements. The objective will be to find freedom of the voice through movement and with Alexander Technique tools and to embody the text, music, and emotion of the song through movement.

  • We will start with improvisatory movement/dance to various styles of music: classical, Brazilian samba, tango.
  • We will then improvise movement to our own song while singing it in our head.
  • Next, everybody will sing together (zoom muted) their own song allowing the music and lyrics to guide the quality of the movement.
  • We will then have some participants sing the song again individually, first with large movement, then smaller movement keeping the intention learned from the improvising part.

After each section, the participants talk about what their experience was. Sharing different experiences helps the participants feel less self-conscious and more open to exploring new ideas.

We will explore stillness in movement and movement in stillness, the connection of voice production to our whole body, and how we can deeply connect with our songs. And have fun in the process!