Enchanted Circle: [nec]shivaree + With Orbit

NEC: Brown Hall | Directions

290 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA
United States

[nec]shivaree, NEC's student avant-garde ensemble, is the attack wing of NEC's new music program, performing the modern, the new, and the avant-garde. Sounds are provided by such composers as John Cage, Steve Reich, Morton Feldman, George Crumb, Galina Ustvolskaya, and Giacinto Scelsi. The players of [nec]shivaree have worked with composers John Zorn, John Luther Adams, Christian Wolff, and Frederic Rzewski. The group gives concerts both inside and outside of the Conservatory, and has performed regularly at the Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge and Tonic and The Stone in New York.

Special guests on tonight's concert is the improvisational ensemble, With Orbit.  An appreciation of interaction, communication and deep musical friendships, and a profound love of creative improvised music brought the members of With Orbit together in the fall of 2020.  At the core of With Orbit is a broad ranging sonic expression, lyrical elasticity, and flowing omni-directional improvisation.

  1. Karlheinz Stockhausen | Kontakte

    • [nec]shivaree
    • Joseph Vasconi, piano
    • Jakob Schoenfeld, percussion
    • Austin Engelhardt, playback

  3. Improvisations

    • With Orbit
    • Jeff Platz, guitar
    • Brendan Carniaux, reeds
    • Kit Demos, bass
    • Max Goldman, drums