EM Grant Performance: Beauty Intolerable - Anna Poltronieri Tang

NEC: Burnes Hall | Directions

255 St. Botolph St.
Boston, MA
United States

Anna Poltronieri Tang '25 presents an Entrepreneurial Musicianship grant concert, entitled "Beauty Intolerable."

Tonight's concert is a performance of excerpts from Sheila Silver’s Beauty Intolerable — a songbook inspired by the poetry of Edna St. Vincent Millay. This performance, made possible by the NEC Entrepreneurial Musicianship department, will be used as a fundraiser for Women’s Lunch Place.

Singers include sopranos Aislin Alancheril, Yoomin Kang, Molly Knight, Hannah Miller, Lucia Palladino, and Yumeng Xing and Tanya Blaich, pianist.

  1. Sheila Silver | from Beauty Intolerable (2013)


    First Fig (Round I)

    Sonnet (I, born a woman)
         Aislin Alancheril, soprano

         Yoomin Kang, soprano

         Anna Poltronieri Tang, soprano

    Sonnet (Only until this cigarette is ended)
         Hannah Miller, soprano

    The Penitent
         Molly Knight, soprano

    She is Overheard Singing
         Yumeng Xing, soprano

         Anna Poltronieri Tang, soprano

    An Ancient Gesture
         Lucia Palladino, soprano

    A Visit to the Asylum
         Molly Knight, soprano

    Mindful of You
         Anna Poltronieri Tang, soprano

    Sonnet (What lips my lips have kissed)
         Aislin Alancheril, soprano

    Sonnet (Love, though for this you riddle me with darts)
         Lucia Palladino, soprano

    First Fig (Round II)