Contemporary Improvisation Small Ensembles: CI Chamber Orchestra & Korean Music Ensemble

NEC: Eben Jordan Ensemble Room | Directions

255 St. Botolph St.
Boston, MA
United States

two sets: 8:15pm & 9:30pm

This concert will be in-person and also livestreamed by the performers. You will have received a password to access this event.

Watch performer-produced event in Eben Jordan Ensemble Room

8:15pm- CI Chamber Orchestra

This interdepartmental ensemble explores the boundaries between composition, improvisation, and international music traditions, through written and aural paths. Past projects have included engaging with works by Ruth Crawford Seeger, Ran Blake, Charles Ives, Gustav Mahler, Pauline Oliveros, Scott Joplin, Bach, and Lully as well as traditional folk music, workshopping student compositions/concepts, and performing new works by students, faculty, and other contemporary artists.

Eden MacAdam-Somer, Coach
Ruochen (Maggie) Zang, voice
Katie Knudsvig, violin
Carson McHaney, violin
Kat Wallace, violin
Katie Purcell, viola 
Ben Roberts, cello
Solomon Caldwell, bass
G Korth-Rockwell, guitar/banjo
Stuart Ryerse, recorder/piano/percussion
Avi Randall, piano/viola
Chris Chapin, piano/comp/pedal harp
Emmett Mathison, piano/comp
Jun Hyuk (Joseph) Seo, drums 


9:30pm- Korean Music Ensemble

This one-semester ensemble is focused on the study and performance of Korean traditional music. Students will learn the Korean traditional music system with specific emphasis on sheet music notation, composition and ear training through listening assignments, and in class demonstration. Students will then apply those concepts to their instruments, which will require exploration and development of non-traditional playing techniques. An end-of-semester concert will feature all original music for various ensemble configurations. 

DoYeon Kim, Coach
Marie Carroll, koto 
Olivia Wilkins-Becker, guitar
Jonathan Paik, piano 
Diego Martinez, bass 
Jiangcheng Chen, percussion
Taehyun Kim, percussion