Celebrating Laurence Lesser, a guiding spirit at NEC

In celebration of president emeritus Laurence Lesser’s 80th birthday on October 28, 2018, NEC presented a concert featuring Lesser with NEC Philharmonia, conducted by Hugh Wolff.

laurence lesser playing cello in jordan hall

Ahead of the performance on September 26, 2018, The Boston Globe talked to Lesser about his 45-year career at NEC as faculty and president, highlighting his restoration of Jordan Hall and the sense of community at NEC.

... he mentions a trait of NEC that he said is “the envy of just about any other music school in the country: the sense of community and collegiality of everyone there. This is a very warm place where young people work to find their voice, their musical personality, and other people are there to support them, including their peers. 

“I didn’t bring that,” he continued. “It was there, but I fostered it. Sometimes not losing something that’s good is an accomplishment.”


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