Boston GuitarFest

June 16 – 20, 2021 




Eliot Fisk, Co-Director 
Zaira Meneses, Co-Director 

Boston GuitarFest (GFest) is an international, cross-disciplinary celebration of the classical guitar and its past, present and future, designed to serve music lovers and lovers of the guitar around the globe offering individual instruction, classes, seminars, lectures, and live performances by eminent artists and scholars. Conversely GFest attempts to empower all participants to develop their talents to the fullest and to participate before during and after the Festival in the redemptive act of bringing truth and beauty into the world. 

Under Artistic Directors Eliot Fisk and Zaira Meneses, GFest has presented a marvelous array of great artists in concert and as educators and has commissioned numerous eminent composers to write new music for the guitar. 

Since its founding in 2006, GFest has educated generations of guitarists of all ages, always setting the sacred art of music within a broader cultural perspective and insisting on the potential of the classical guitar as an effective ambassador for the sacred art of music. 



The Young Guitarists Workshop (YGW) is designed for young guitarists ages 6 to 15.  The program uses time tested educational techniques to develop and improve technical and musical proficiency regardless of playing level.  

The experienced YGW teaching team includes Adam LevinWilliam Riley, and Devin Ulibarri with guest appearances by Lautaro Mantilla (Latin style and rhythms) and James Davidson (popular styles).  

Students spend four days combining fun and learning in private classes and special topics workshops such as “Rockshop”, improvisation, technique, sight reading and with numerous informal and formal performing opportunities.  

YGW students have unlimited access to all GFest masterclasses and live streamed events and have numerous opportunities to interact with featured GFest guest artists.  

YGW is famous for its welcoming atmosphere and close personal attention to each participant.  Furthermore, students engage and make friends with like-minded colleagues from a “global village” that stretches around the world.  

Advanced students ages 13-15, who wish to participate in the GFest Academy I program should send a 2-3 minute video link (YouTube link, public or unlisted,) to Financial aid available upon request.  

For questions of any kind, please contact



The Academy is designed for young adults.  It offers a unique educational experience and exposure to a large international community of guitar professionals and aficionados.   

  • Academy I serves ages 16-21
  • Academy II serves ages 22-30

This program offers individual lessons, technique classes, workshops, masterclasses, and online performance opportunities as well as a competition for those participating in the Academy I program. 

Coordinated by NEC faculty member, Jerome Mouffe, the 2021 GFest Academy program will continue and expand upon the highly successful all online format premiered at GFest Online 2020.  

Participants will receive instruction and dialogue with the superb and varied GFest 2021 faculty and guest artists including: 

  • World renowned maestra Marin Alsop  
  • Eminent cellist Yehuda Hanani 
  • Guitar virtuosos and master teachers Marco TamayoAntigoni GoniBruce HolzmanRichard SavinoDavid Tanenbaum, Federico Diaz, and Scott Tennant 
  • GFest directors, Eliot Fisk and Zaira Meneses 



The Adult Education program is designed for guitarists and music lovers ages 31 and above.  This program is a low stress, high information event bringing participants together with eminent guitar teachers and artist from around the world.   

Individual lessons are combined with classes pinpointing and solving technical problems and feature a variety of other topics guaranteed to combine fun and learning for all involved. 

Adult Education participants receive admission to all GFest events including open mics, panel discussions and Q & A with GFest guest artists and faculty. 



GFest's International Programs are specially designed for international students living in time zones outside of the USA, and are scheduled to enable students living in Asia and Europe to participate in select GFest events live, in real time.   

Live GFest events occurring at times inconvenient for these students are saved online and remain accessible to international GFest students for the entire duration of the Festival and for one week following.  A special access code is provided for this purpose. 

  • International Program, Asia 
    For students based in or living in Asia, a dedicated International Program, Asia will offer two special sessions each day.  These sessions will be offered at 8am-10am EST (evening the same day in Asia) and 8pm-10 pm EST (the following morning in Asia.)  These sessions will include international performance class, technique and interpretation workshops, and individual lessons. These special events make live instruction possible regardless of time zone. Students based in or living in Asia are welcome to join GFest as appropriate at the YGW, Academy or Adult Education level.   
  • International Program, Europe 
    GFest presumes that students based in or living in Europe can participate live in all standard GFest events scheduled up to 4pm EST (10pm European time.)  All other events will be saved and remain accessible to all European based students for the entire duration of the festival and for one week following the festival.  A special access code is provided for this purpose. 

    Students based in or living in Europe are invited to participate as appropriate at the YGW, Academy, or Adult Education level, and should register accordingly.



GFest Online 2021 welcomes auditors from around the world.  Auditors are given unlimited access to all GFest Online 2021 events including concerts, classes, open mics, and guest lectures and interviews. 

Auditors based in or living in time zones outside the USA are welcome to audit all GFest events live and are provided with a special access code to enable them to view GFest 2021 online events for one week following the Festival.  Auditors receive access to all GFest events and may be invited to participate in appropriate online discussions and chats. 



The Concert Pass is a subscription pass giving online access (live or in pre-recorded format,) to all GFest Online concerts only.  This pass allows participants to view concerts in real time during the program itself, or after the fact on their own schedule. 

A special access code is provided for this purpose.  The code will remain valid during the Festival and for one week following. 

Tuition & Registration 

The deadline for registration is Friday, June 11, 2021.  Participants are encouraged to register as soon as they are able.  For more information on programs, faculty, guest artists, and the history of Boston GuitarFest please visit the GFest Online 2021 website.

  • Academy: $360 
  • Adult Education: $360 
  • Young Guitarists Workshop: $360 
  • International Program, Asia: $210 
  • Auditor Program: $160 
  • Concert Pass: $100 
  • Registration Fee: $40 (applies to all tuition levels except Concert Pass) 

Students who are unable to make payments using ActiveNET have the option to make payments via Wire Transfer. Please note that there is an additional wire transfer fee, which varies based on student location, bank, and dollar amount being sent. Please be mindful of the additional fee, as it is not included in tuition. Students may contact their bank for detailed information on how to process a wire transfer.

Please contact for more information.

Register for GuitarFest Online 2021

Registration has closed for GuitarFest Online 2021.  For more information please visit the GFest Online 2021 website.