Our Stories: April 18 - May 1st

Strengthening the Community Through Storytelling

CEB Our Stories Poster

A collaboration of CEB, Katya Popova, the Queer Student Union, and NEC students.

A community festival created to explore cultural belonging, gender, and identity. We will share our stories through poetry, textiles, and everyday objects. The program will include time based installations, live music, workshops and lectures.

All installations will be interactive art pieces that grow over time as NEC community members creatively add their stories to them. Each installation will share a brief background and a set of instructions that NEC community members to follow when engaging and expanding the project.

The workshops and lectures will provide interesting background on hands-on approaches and information about textiles.


April 18: Festival Opener

5:30-5:45 pm, Finn's and the QSU project

Bower Stage, SLPC


5:45-6:00 pm, Artists panel

Elfers Commons


6:00-6:30 pm: Participation in artistic processes

Skylight, Bistro, and Elfers Commons


April 18 - May 1 Interactive Installations

“Inca’s Khipu” by Katya Popova & NEC community

Time-based collaborative installation, Bistro, SLPC


“Human” by Finn Dalton, joined by Queer Student Union & NEC community

A textile and poetry project focusing on gender expression and identity, Entrance Area


“Cut and Sew” by Nico Daglio Fine

A textile project, SLPC Entrance Area

SB 300, 4-8 p.m.


April 24 - May 1

“Collective Memories” by K. Popova

The compilation, time-based installation, Skylight Gallery

with Finn's and the QSU project, NEC community participation


Workshop and Lecture

April 24

"Cut and Sew" Workshop by Nico Daglio Fine

SB 300, 4-8 p.m.


April 26

“Computational Textiles,” lecture by Ganit Goldstein (guest from MIT) 


6-6:45 pm, Eben Jordan

Ganit Goldstein

From 3D printed fashion collections to the world of interactive fabric installations - join us to hear Ganit's journey utilizing past and future textile technologies in the era of digital craftsmanship.