FERPA: Directory Information

NEC designates the following items as Directory Information. NEC may disclose any of these items without the student’s prior written consent, unless notified in writing to the contrary by September 15th of each year. (Students may notify NEC after September 15th, but in this case, NEC will not guarantee that the Directory Information will be excluded from the Student Directory for that academic year.)

List of Directory Information

  • name
  • local address
  • local telephone number
  • permanent address
  • NEC e-mail address
  • program
  • major(s)
  • class year
  • month and date of birth
  • participation in officially recognized activities including concerts, TOS, etc.
  • awards, prizes and honors earned in connection with officially recognized activities
  • dates of attendance
  • full or part time status
  • Dean’s List
  • degrees earned
  • graduation honors
  • degrees received and degree dates
  • anticipated degrees and anticipated degree dates
  • studio instructor’s name
  • awards, honors, and prizes received outside NEC that are related to a student’s musical career
  • information provided by the student to the Office of Public Relations
  • most recent previous school attended