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Gerald Zaritzky

  • Music Theory

Gerald Zaritzky taught at New England Conservatory from 1968 through his retirement in 2016.

Zaritzky applies theoretical studies to the creative and expressive needs of aspiring professional musicians. He has developed and taught significant areas of the undergraduate and graduate music theory curriculums; he pursues interests in the history, methods, and applications of music analysis; and he has taught and demonstrated approaches, especially Schenkerian, to hearing, analysis, and performance of 18th–21st-century music.

Zaritzky participates in regional and national professional organizations, including as proposal and session chairs for the 2005 Special Session on Performance and Analysis by the Pedagogy Interest Group of the Society for Music Theory. Zaritzky is active in the New England Conference of Music Theorists, as committee and session chairs, past treasurer, and past president. He is also former managing editor of Sonus, a Journal of Global Musical Possibilities, and former editor pro tem of Ovenbird Press, Arthur J. Komar, founder.

In 1991 and 2003 Zaritzky was awarded sabbatical grants from NEC, to explore further relations between music theory and performance.B.S., MIT; M.M., NEC. Theoretical Studies with Ernst Oster, Robert Cogan. Woodrow Wilson Foundation Fellowship. Former music theory faculty and chair, NEC Preparatory School and School of Continuing Education. Former acting chair, NEC Graduate Theoretical Studies department. Former visiting faculty, Longy School of Music.