Yu Tamaki Hoso Trombone Masterclass

NEC: Burnes Hall | Directions

255 St. Botolph St.
Boston, MA
United States

Yu Tamaki Hoso hosts a masterclass featuring students from the NEC trombone studios.

A Japanese solo trombonist active worldwide, Yu Tamaki Hoso is a chamber and orchestra musician, educator, entrepreneur, published author, and producer. Yu currently resides in Denmark and serves as an official artist for Pro Arte Musicae of Tokyo, S.E. Shires Company of Boston, and Willie's Custom Brass of Yamanashi, as well as Music Director of FukuTama Festival in Shimane, member of Slide Japan Trombone Octet and FukuTama Trombone Quartet. As of April 2024, Hoso will be appointed as a distinguished visiting professor at Osaka University of Arts.